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ai mastering shootout Landr vs cloud bounce vs emastered vs bandlab

AI Mastering Shootout – Landr vs Cloudbounce vs Emastered vs BandLab

You’ve been looking into AI mastering, and you’re wondering whether it’s worth the money, or if it can hold up against a real mastering engineer. In this AI mastering shootout we’re going to compare: Landr vs Emastered vs Cloudbounce vs Bandlab. We’ll put them to the test with different audio examples for you to listen

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fabfilter pro c2 vs smart comp

Sonible smart:comp vs Fab Filter Pro C2 (Which Is Better?)

Sonible smart:comp is a smart compressor plugin, that uses frequency-dependent processing, to create well-balanced and transparent compression. FabFilter’s Pro-C2 is a powerhouse compression tool, with eight compression styles, from a classic compressor, vocal compressor, to a mastering compressor and more. Sonible smart:comp FabFilter Pro-C2 AI Compression ✅ ❌ Trial FREE 30-Day Trial ❌ Auto-Gain ✅

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SPC Plugins ArcSyn Review (With Audio Examples)

SPC Plugins’ ArcSyn is a virtual analog synthesizer with a subtractive workflow. Designed with a ground-up approach, ArcSyn’s waveforms are all generated from scratch, within the plugin. Add to that incredible LFO’s with wave sequencing, as well as Oberheim Matrix style self-oscillating filters, and you have one of the most exciting VST synths of recent

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scaler 2 vs captain chords

Scaler 2 Vs Captain Chords (Which Is Better)

Scaler 2 Captain Chords Built in Instruments 33 Sampled Instruments 150+ Sampled Instruments Drag & Drop Midi ✅ ✅ Note Editing ✅ ❌ Scale & Chord Detection Audio and Midi Detection MIDI Detection Only Price $49 $79 (Includes Captain Chords, Deep and Melody) Free Trial ✅ No trial, but a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Here’s a

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rapid synth review

Parawave Rapid Synth Review

Buying a new synth can be a minefield now. There’s so many synths out there that are great, and it’s honestly really hard to decide which is best for you. In this article, we’re going to review Parawave’s Rapid Synth, put it to the test, and compare it to some other synths available on the

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phase plant vs serum

Phase Plant Vs Serum ( What Are The Differences)

Serum is a 2-oscillator wavetable synthesizer with 450+ Presets and 150 Wavetable + impressive functionality, filters and effects. Serum has been lauded as the best overall synthesiser ever made. Phase Plant is a semi-modular synth, with wavetable, sample, analog & FM capabilities. They are available with a monthly subscription, or can be bought instantly for

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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