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Remixing Your Own Song? (What Do You Call it)

So you’ve listened to one of your old songs, got inspired, and made another version of it that uses the same elements, but takes it on a completely different musical path.

Do you call it a remix of your own artist name? Hmm… no, that would sound a bit weird.

In this article, we’re going to explain exactly what you would call a remix of your own song.

What Would I Call A Remix of My Own Song?

A remix of your own song is called a VIP mix. VIP stands for “variation in production” in the instance of a track. So you wouldn’t call a remix of your own song a remix, it would be called a VIP mix.

remixing song ableton

Let’s say your original track is called “Cherries”, and your artist name is “Oslo”. The track would be named like this: “Oslo – Cherries”.

In the instance of a remix of your own track, you would call this “Oslo – Cherries (VIP mix)”.

Can I Remix My Own Song?

As long as you own all the rights to that song, you can remix your own song, and release the remix for profit. If you have released it with a label, you will have to contact them and figure out the terms. They may take a cut of the profits.

You can get a lot of ideas from your old songs, and sometimes you want to revamp them with a different energy or vibe.

Maybe you’ve got slightly better at production, and you wanna use your newly learned skills to improve on your original idea.

This is all possible, as long as you have the full rights to the old song.

Having the full rights means that you haven’t released it as a collaboration, or you haven’t signed a contract with a label. As long as you’re all good on this front, then you can go ahead and remix your song, stress-free!


To recap:

When remixing your own song, you would call it a VIP mix instead. VIP stands for “variation in production”. When naming your new, remixed track it would look like this: Artist Name – Track Name (VIP Mix).

Remixing old songs is not only fun, but gives you a lot more content to work with and release for your fans! Sometimes your new take is better than the old one, and can rejuvinate a song for fans.

Or maybe you think one of the old melodies would have worked better in a different context.

Go ahead and take that snippet, write a new track around it, and have fun! Music is all about being creative, and using whatever you can to get yourself in a state of flow.

We hope this article helped! Alternatively, if you enjoy learning about obscure musical styles, take a look at our exploration of What is Otacore Music?.

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