in minutes, using our Waves Mastering Preset.

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waves mastering preset




Sound Loud, While Retaining Dynamics 🎛

Our Waves mastering preset has been built to get your masters sounding great next to the competition, obtaining maximum loudness, while retaining dynamics, and avoiding distortion. 

Can’t get your masters as loud as you hear on Spotify without ruining them?

Our mastering preset will get your there in minutes, or your money back.

Inject Vintage Warmth 🔥

We’ve carefully picked some of the most incredible hardware emulations, to make your master replicate that vintage, warm sound you’ve always desired. Add low end warmth, clarity, or air to your mix, & leave a finishing touch that will stand out.

Add Punch To Your Mix ✅

With our 8 years experience in mixing & mastering, we’ve carefully selected the best Waves plugins, and dialled them in to ensure a punchy, cohesive master that shines next to the competition, and gives your listeners a lasting impression.

Or Your Money Back 💳

Ever bought a something you wish you hadn’t? Annoying right? That’s why, when you shop with WCS, you you get a full, 14 day money back guarantee, because we believe in our products.

* Please allow -6db headroom before applying preset *

Professional, Loud, Masters in a matter of minutes.

Whipped Cream Sounds Mastering Chain is a, versatile mastering preset, specifically made for Waves plugins. This preset has been meticulously designed to finalise your mixes, with laser precision and ease, getting you a professional sound in a matter of minutes. In the ever-growing AI mastering space, this mastering chain puts the power of customisation back in your hands, and also teaches you the mastering process while doing so!

Master your tracks quickly, or take a deep dive into the chain, and customise your settings. It’s your choice!

Plugins Required: 

  • J37 Tape
  • PuigTec EQP1A
  • VEQ4
  • GW Mix Centric
  • Aphex Vintage Exciter
  • S1 Imager
  • L3 Ultramaximizer


  • Waves Studio Rack preset – compatible with all DAWs


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Our Waves mastering preset is compatible with all DAWs. You must have Waves Studio Rack to open the preset, and Waves plugins must be V11 or V12 versions.

** For the preset to run you also must have these plugins:

Click the plugin names to be re-directed to the Waves store to buy & download them.

**This product is not endorsed or supported by Waves Audio Ltd. all trademarks are the property of their respective owners.