Purple Slush Free Lofi Serum Presets

purple slush lofi serum preset pack

$9.99 Free

Sample Pack Description

25, unique, free, Lo-Fi Serum presets, including: WCS – Organic Serum Instruments (noise oscillators & samples for sound design)

🎹 6 keys
☘️ 5 pads
🔥 4 plucks
🎤 4 leads
🎸 4 basses
🎛 4 synths
📁 WCS – Organic Serum Instruments (noise oscillator & wavetable pack)

⬇️ Total size: 75.1mb
✅ Completely free Serum presets to use for tracks. Can’t re-distribute as your own.

All demos use the included Serum presets & lofi pack sounds

Be Distinct

With free sounds that are distinct from any other pack out there. Ensuring your new lofi Hip Hop track leaves a lasting impression, and your name gets remembered.

Produce Quicker 🔥

Using the lofi Serum presets to throw down ideas quickly. Pick a keys preset and lay some keys down, add a beautiful melody over the top with our leads, or choose from our basses, pads, or lofi synth patches.

They sound great just as they are, no processing needed! Use them to kickstart your ideas!

Sound Better ✅

With lofi Serum presets that have been through a rigorous selection process, vetted by experts, to make sure you get the best quality sounds for your music production sessions!

All For Free 🎖

You can use our lofi Serum presets for tracks, sound design and more. Feel free to use them for whatever, on one condition: 

Don’t distribute as your own to profit from, or share with others. If someone wants it, send them through the proper channels to download. That means sending them to this page, so they can get a copy.

What You’ll Find Inside

Preset Category







No. of presets















Purple Slush can be used inside any DAW software!

You will need to have Serum to run the presets.

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