PreSonus Analog Delay Free for Black Friday (Code Inside)

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With the Black Friday plugin deals ramping up, more and more amazing freebies & deals are being released daily. Today PreSonus joined in on the fun, releasing Analog Delay FREE, for a limited time.

To get Analog Delay for free, all you need to do is head over to the PreSonus website, add Analog Delay to your cart, and then use the CODE: bpmcreateanalogdelay.

Once you put the code in, your basket will be reduced to 0, and you can checkout for free, and then download your free, Black Friday plugin.

To install Analog Delay you will need to install their hub software to get the VST, which is a little annoying, but it's definitely worth doing to make use of this Black Friday plugin freebie.

What Is Analog Delay?

analog delay presonus

Analog delay is a bucket brigade delay, that allows you to create deteriorating echoes that have changing delay times and changing pitch.

Analog Delay is based on a classic BBD hardware delay, and has been programmed to emulate the character of original, vintage hardware delays.

Bucket Brigade delays are fantastic at providing warm & subtle delay all the way to delays that will make you think you're tripping.

They're best used on guitar sounds, and in electronic music, but can really be used on anything to twist and morph your sounds into something completely different.

Analog Delay is free for Black Friday and can be used in any DAW system capable of 64-bit processing. It's available as a:

  • VST3
  • AAX
  • AU

One cool technique we love to use when using delay, is resampling.

If you open up a delay (like your new free analog delay), and start to change the rate, speed, and feedback settings, with resampling on, you can create some incredible results that can then be cut up to produce entirely different sounds, and then be resampled yet again.

One of our favourite techniques is to change the rate of the delay.

If you slow it down, you get a weird, morphing, pitching effect that sounds like it's slowing down. If you speed it up, you get the same weird pitching effect, but it sounds like it's speeding up.

There are so many other fantastic things you could use this plugin for, but that's just one example of the possibilities.

Make sure you grab it while it's free, it's an amazing effect and sound design tool all at the same time!

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