Polyverse Black Friday Sale 2021

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The Black Friday plugin deals are now in full swing, and more and more plugin developers are joining in on the sales. Today Polyverse released their Black Friday plugin sale.

You can get up to 50% off the entire Polyverse range from the 15th of November, all the way until the 8th of December 2021.

Polyverse are a company dedicated to teaming up with some of the world's most innovative musicians, to give you the most innovative tools for your music production sessions.

You can grab this deal over on Plugin Boutique for a limited time.

The sale includes:

  • I Wish ($49) – a pitch freezing plugin, that allows you to take any sound or recording and instantly freeze it at its current pitch and time. It can be used to create robotic sounds, stutter effects, soundscapes and can even sound like a granulator.
  • Comet ($75) – a reverb that is focussed on creating the biggest spaces possible. It does this adding textures, modulation and other reverb effects to your audio.
  • Manipulator ($89) – is an extremely in depth pitch shifter that can produce synth-like results on your samples. Using unique granular algorithms, Manipulator alters the pitch and timbre of monophonic audio. You can create subtle effects, or completely mangle sounds – your choice.
  • Gatekeeper ($35) – an incredible gating plugin that focusses on the volume automation effect that a lot of electronic producers desire.
  • Infected Mushroom Plugin Bundle ($149) – Manipulator, Gatekeeper, I Wish
  • Polyverse Everything Bundle ($199) – Manipulator, Comet, Gatekeeper, I Wish

Polyverse make some of the best creative effects on the market. They're specifically extremely good for electronic music production.

We've personally used Comet, and Gatekeeper.

Both are extremely inspiring plugins, and you really can mangle your sounds in a lot of ways, which is extremely important for creativity, and also for sound design.

For a saving of 42%, you can grab the Polyverse everything bundle for as little as $199 this Black Friday – that's a great deal.

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