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It's Plugin Boutiques 9th Birthday! Like last year, they're offering some juicy goodies to celebrate. This year around, Plugin Boutique have teamed up with iZotope to offer a few different bundles of their best selling plugins.

The offers include plugins like, Stutter Edit 2, Iris 2, Trash 2 and more.

Alongside this promotion, Plugin Boutique are also giving away Objeq Delay for free (usually $140) with every purchase, so you can double up on this promotion and get an extra free plugin, this month.

Here are the iZotope bundles you can get:

Bundle 1 – Breaktweaker Expanded, Trast 2 and PhoenixVerb for a low $29 USD.

Bundle 2 – Iris 2, Excalibur and R2 for a low $49 USD.

Bundle 3Stutter Edit 2, Insight 2 and Nimbus for a low $99 USD

Alongside all of this, they're also offering discounts on each of the plugins found in the bundles. So if you don't want a bundle & just want to pick up something like PhoenixVerb for a low price – you can do that.

The plugins included in this February promotion are:

  • R2 Stereo – A wickedly good stereo reverb by Exponential Audio. This is a favourite of a lot of producers on forums like Reddit.
  • Stutter Edit 2 – A great plugin for those wanting to create a repeat/stutter effect. Really great for workflow, allows you to slice entire samples with 1 button.
  • Trash 2 – A distortion plugin that has over 60 different algorithms to choose from. Decimating audio has never been so easy.
  • BreakTweaker Expanded – A drum sequencing plugin that can create some twisted loops. This includes 4 expansion packs.
  • Iris 2 – An incredible sample based synth, with flexible modular function & spectral filtering. I personally own this and it's great for sound design, but eats CPU a lot.
  • Insight 2 – Audio metering plugin for post production purposes.
  • PhoenixVerb – Lush stereo reverb plugin. Creates clean, natural sound reverb for your music & has over 900 presets.
  • Nimbus – Natural sounding reverb plugin, with the ability to change the tone of your verb while maintaining authentic reflection clarity.
  • Excalibur – Multi-effects plugin including several modulation, pitch-shifting & dynamic effect modules.

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