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The 10 Best Alternatives to Logic Pro X for Windows 10

Logic Pro has been one of the leading names in the market of Digital Audio Workstations. It’s interface and versatile features, with support for AU plugins, has left Apple Mac users satisfied for years. The only issue with this is that Logic Pro isn’t available on Windows systems.

You’re left with looking for alternatives, so to make your job easier, we’ve made a list of our favourite contenders to replace Logic Pro X. Whether you record audio files, do audio editing, record instruments, or just want a FREE way into the world of production, there should be a program for you.

The best alternatives to Logic Pro on Windows 10 are:

  1. Bitwig Studio
  2. Ableton Live
  3. Cubase
  4. FL Studio
  5. Reason
  6. Studio One
  7. Reaper
  8. Cakewalk
  9. LMMS
  10. Pro Tools

Bitwig Studio

bitwig studio daw

If you’re a producer, a synth head, a modular nerd, or all of these things together, Bitwig is perfect for you. In fact, it’s one of the only DAW’s we suggest to some people over Ableton Live.

Bitwig is a relatively new player in the digital audio workstation market, but it’s managed to make a big impact. Made by ex-Ableton engineers, the similarity can be picked up, but it never feels like an Ableton Live clone.

Bitwig is essentially the perfect DAW if you want to produce electronic music, and we’re here for it. The incredible use-ability, as well as the “Grid” synth designer makes Bitwig unique. The versatile instruments and synthesis options as well as advanced MIDI features, help you create the best music possible.

The workflow is fast and detailed, it features MPE support, AND it runs on Linux! The program supports VST plugins, and allows for unlimited tracks for more advanced sound productions. For producers looking for a very capable production tool, Bitwig is one of the better Logic Pro X alternatives.

For a Logic Pro X user, Bitwig studio will be a new and fresh look at production, and we promise you’ll enjoy it.

Ableton Live

ableton live daw

No list like this would be complete, without mentioning, the seminal, and frankly, our favourite, digital audio workstation, Ableton Live.

Not much can be said that hasn’t already been mulled over by forums and blogs for years, however, Ableton Live still remains, one of the top 3 DAW’s ever.

Where Pro Tools is targeted towards engineers, and designed for studio recording and mixing, Ableton is all about production. Ableton users are pushed to create new and exciting sounds, with incredible routing, fast workflows and simple user interface.

Logic Pro X has always sat in the middle of these. It’s great for mixing and recording, and it’s also good for production and creating sounds. If you lean more towards production than recording though, you’ll enjoy Ableton Live a lot!

The only negatives to Ableton are CPU, RAM and hard disk usage, so for a bit less of a capable machine, Ableton might not be the software for you.

Ableton Live Suite also comes with a host of FX processor units and mixing tools. Add to that an amazing file browser, unlimited tracks, other advanced setup options, and you get one of the best DAWs ever made.


cubase daw

Steinberg’s original Cubase started out as just a MIDI sequencer, and decades later, Cubase is still going strong as one of the most popular DAW’s on the market.

The most recent version, Cubase 11 adds to the already great software package, with a new Dynamic EQ as well as revamps of some familiar plugins. As an alternative to Logic Pro, Cubase stands up really well.

While there are some features we feel are missing, like the lack of automation curves, there’s quite a bit to love with Steinberg’s flagship digital audio workstation.

A well laid-out single-monitor interface adds to the pure functionality of this program. Cubase stands up, as a great, professional alternative to other production and mixing suites.

Most professional studio’s are split between using Pro Tools and Cubase. Pro Tools edges out a little, but the foothold that Cubase has had over the years, cannot be understated.

FL Studio

fl studio daw

FL Studio is probably one of the most popular DAWs ever. Hip Hop and Electronic music producers around the world owe their entire careers to this program. As much as people might dislike it, it’s spot as one of the best DAW’s out there, cannot be diminished.

The arrangement workflow of FL studio is lighting fast and intuitive, the sequencer is awesome and easy to use. Additionally, FL Studio features arguably the best piano roll out there.

As an alternative to Logic Pro, we understand, FL Studio might not be what you’re looking for. If you’re at all into making beats, quick and easy, look no further. In fact, FL Studio has recently released a new version of their software, which you should download and try out.

The only main drawback of FL Studio is that the overall User interface can start to feel a little cluttered. If you don’t like cluttered spaces, consider purchasing Bitwig Studio or Ableton Live instead.


reason daw

Of all the alternatives we’ve proposed on this list, Reason feels the most like an instrument.

Reason comes bundled with full sets of instruments and other music tools, as well as a pattern sequencer. Reason also has a multitude of synths, samplers, drum machines and mixing and mastering tools.

With it’s interface, Reason mimics analog hardware. Using the program can start to feel almost like you’re in a production studio, routing your hardware back and forth, to get exactly what you want.

Reason, for this exact… reason, is a little more of a niche product. If you’re in this niche however, there won’t be a better DAW for you, than Reason.

Studio One

studio one daw

While Studio One is less known than the bigger players like Logic Pro and Ableton, PreSonus’ audio editing and production software feels a lot like Logic Pro

Studio One features a beautiful single-screen user interface that is very reminiscent of Logic Pro. In addition to this, the audio editing and mixing tools included, are sure to take your productions to the next level.

While the controls might be a bit confusing for beginners, more experienced producers will love the freedom that Studio One offers. Studio One also features really great sounding Compression and EQ tools, as well as a few really good virtual instruments.

Studio One is probably the closest Logic Pro, Windows 10 alternative. So, if you want a similar experience to Logic, then check out Studio One.


reaper daw

What many people consider an “entry-level” DAW, Reaper is way more than that. The open-source nature of Reaper makes it incredibly customizable, and you have support for pretty much any plugin you want.

Reaper doesn’t feature audio or midi tracks, rather they have a single track type, which is an all-in-one. This means you can use Audio and MIDI data in a single track. You can easily edit your audio, as well as MIDI, and depending on settings, it might be the perfect setup for you.

In addition to great multi-track recording and automatic 32-bit to 64 bit plugin bridging, Reaper is also cheaper than most other DAW’s.

Reaper starts at $60, and is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux. If you’ve never touched a DAW before, learn reaper, it’s probably the most versatile entry on this list, far away from the “entry-level” badge it’s been stuck with.


cakewalk daw

What used to be Gibson’s digital audio workstation, Sonar, has been revamped in early 2018, by BandLab technologies into Cakewalk as we know it now. Cakewalk and Sonar appear very similar on the face of it, but in actuality, it’s more like they’re related DAWs, not twins

Cakewalk retains all of the core functionality of the classic Sonar, and even adds to it. We didn’t mention this yet, but Cakewalk is entirely Free to download and use for Windows 10.

In addition to their great set of production tools, you also get Melodyne and Pro Channel integration. I don’t know if you realize this, but that’s a hell of a deal, when you’re being offered it for free.

The only drawback to Cakewalk is the window layout, which can be a little time-consuming at times, so if you’re looking for something more instant, Cakewalk might not be for you.


LMMS daw

LMMS is another free and open-source audio editing software. And we know what you’re thinking, yes, it is kind of similar to FLStudio. But that’s only in terms of appearance. You get the amazing FL Piano Roll, which is wicked, but LMMS is a bit more limited

First of all, the biggest drawbacks to LMMS are the lack of proper editing function, like merging and slicing of audio files. The GUI can also feel a tad complicated and slow, however, there’s not much to argue about, when you can download the software for free.

LMMS does come with it’s own virtual instruments, like a 3 oscillator gameboy emulation, which work really well with MIDI. You also get multi-language support as well as Cross-platform capabilities for both Mac, Windows 10 and Linux.

Pro Tools

pro tools daw

Pro Tools is probably the DAW that usually comes to mind, when talking about the subject. There’s no doubt, Pro Tools has been the software of choice for professional engineers and studio’s around the world, for years.

Their influence cannot be understated, and Pro Tools is still, one of the best production packages out there. If Ableton Live is all about production and performance, Pro Tools is meant for classic, studio recording, as the hub for all your gear, plugins, sound files and editing.

If you’re a recording engineer, record your band, or make instrumental music, Pro Tools is for you. It’s amazing at dealing with audio, and mixing in Pro Tools is sublime. That being said, while it’s amazing at recording and mixing, the production abilities aren’t limited, if a little convoluted.

The piano roll could be better, but if you’re buying Pro Tools for what it’s supposed to do (mixing, recording & mastering), that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Finishing Up

To recap, here are the best alternatives to Logic Pro on Windows 10:

  1. Bitwig Studio
  2. Ableton Live
  3. Cubase
  4. FL Studio
  5. Reason
  6. Studio One
  7. Reaper
  8. Cakewalk
  9. LMMS
  10. Pro Tools

If you’re looking for a 1 to 1 logic pro windows alternative, it doesn’t exist. What does exist however are amazing DAW’s, that work on Windows and OS X, and might fit your production style better than Logic Pro.

We hope you’ve been able to find that one nice alternative, that you can use like logic pro. If all else fails, give Ableton a shot, it’s probably the biggest DAW for electronic producers and if you fit in this category, you’ll love it.

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