Get 70%+ OFF Knif Audio Knifonium @ Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance are offering Knifonium – a wicked sounding virtual analog synth plugin, with some clever modelling. It's driven by over 26 vacuum tubes to give it an extra warm sounding result.

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The deal takes over 70% off the usual price ($299), and knocks it down to a nice, tidy & affordable $99.99.

You can take a look at the deal over on the Plugin Alliance website.

It's an incredible sounding synth (so while the deal is on), if you're looking for a new synth pickup, it might be something you want to make use of. Just listen to how good it sounds below.

What Is Knifonium

For those of you that are well invested in the audio world, you'll know that it's nothing new. It was originally a hardware synthesiser, created by the legendary Jonte Knif. With an incredible steampunk aesthetic & a sound like no other, the Knifonium became a quickly sought after synth.

The original hardware units are hand made in small batches, so there's only a few of these beasts available in the world.

Luckily for us Brainworx spotted the wonderous work of Jonte & decided to make the Knifonium a bit more accessible to producers, and created an accurate, meticulously crafted, virtual model of the real thing.

They've also added some very welcome features which include:

  • 8 independent voices
  • Up to the power of 208 vacuum tubes
  • Unison mode
  • Stereo spreading
  • Most of the BX FX range

And it's not one of those emulations that just touches on the real thing, the original designer has said, it truly reacts & behaves like the original hardware.

If you're into your analog emulations, this might be worth taking a look at.

You can check out the deal over on Plugin Alliance's website.

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