Get 61% OFF KiloHearts Phase Plant At Audio Plugin Deals

AudioPluginDeals are offering a time limited, whopping 61% off one of our favourite VST synth plugins – KiloHearts Phase Plant.

Toms Jankevics (editor at whipped cream sounds) says he's barely touched another synth since he got Phase Plant, and we actually included it in our list of best VST plugins.

This is the best deals we've seen on Phase Plant since last Black Friday, & even then, this deal wasn't anywhere near as good. It's now available for $99 down from $256.

What's Included?

With it you get Phase Plant, along with 3 incredibly crafted, preset banks (over 149 presets + factory presets):

  • New London – specifically designed Drum & Bass pack
  • Impossible – glitchy, atonal rave music
  • Tremor – includes some wickedly good FX/atmospheric patches.

That 1 line doesn't do Tremor justice alone, so we thought we'd explain it a little more.

With Tremor, you'll get: mountain tops, spaceports, ancient caves & deep breathing FX, Pads & Atmospheric style patches along with all the other cool stuff Phase Plant already does.

kilohearts phase plant audio plugin start window

What Is Phase Plant?

It's an award winning modular-style sound design beast, but it's probably not the kind that immediately comes to mind…

Instead of connecting modules together via wires & being unable to move those units, Phase Plant has what they like to call ‘snapins'. These snapins allow you to slot modules in where needed.

Imagine plugins for your synth – that's basically what snapins are. You can also expand your snapin library from the already included ones, & kilohearts offer so many different options for you to get creative with.

You can also choose up to 4 different oscillators to create your base sound, including analog, sampler, digital wavetables, & noise generators. Then you can build on your patches using those snapins we mentioned earlier.

With this particular deal, you'll get a the basic $169 copy of PhasePlant, which comes with the Kilohearts Toolbox, & gives you access to FX snapins such as:

  • 3 band EQ
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Gain
  • Limiter
  • Stereo

These come included as snapins, but are also downloadable as VST, AU & AAX format. This means you can open them as separate plugins on other tracks, where you don't use Phase Plant, but want to use one of the effects from it.

Phase Plant is compatible on both PC & Mac, coming in VST, AU & AAX formats.

This is a stupidly good deal, so if you're looking to pick up a new synth. Take a look over on the APD website.