Get 40% OFF Robotic Bean Hand Clap Studio

Robotic Bean's Hand Clap studio is now over 40% off, for a limited time at Plugin Boutique. You can make use of this deal up until March 3rd 2021.

This is a great plugin for those of you who are constantly flicking through sample packs looking for the *right* clap. It's a plugin full of high quality samples (over 700 to be exact), which are nicely tied up into a simple plugin interface.

Usually $69, you can pick it up now for $39.

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What Is Hand Clap?

robotic bean hand clap studio drum vst plugin

Hand Clap is a cleverly designed plugin that's sole purpose is to generate the right clap or snap sound for your track. It has over 700 samples built in, but instead of mashing your arrow and space keys, you'll be tweaking a few settings to find the perfect sound.

The plugin is especially good at making natural sounding claps & snaps. You can choose from a number of different settings including:

  • Basic
  • Bright
  • Soft
  • Snap

One of our favourite things about Hand Clap is the ability to change how the mic is positioned. Like we said above, there's over 700 samples included & these have all been recorded using state of the art, vintage microphones in Atlantis studio.

There are 2 different recordings for each clap & snap, meaning you can blend between the 2. You can also choose whether you want to use a standard condenser microphone, or you want the warm sounds of a vintage, ribbon mic.

Using Hand Clap, you also have a tonne of simple controls that help sculpt your claps further. With EQ, presence, comp & delay controls – you have full control over your sound inside. The workflow benefits of Hand Clap are obvious.

You can also stack the amount of claps you want on top of each other, being able to layer up to 8 claps in a single instance. There's also controls for pitch, stereo wideness & an interesting looseness knob.

Another wicked feature built in, is the 16 step sequencer. It's a simple sequencer that let's you draw notes in where you'd like, which is pretty useful for creating rhythms easily.

If you're looking for an all-in-one clap/snap plugin – then this is a great deal to make use of.

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