SoundTheory GullFloss EQ Free Giveaway x WCS (Until 23rd Nov)

You read the title right!

We’ve teamed up with SoundTheory to give away their incredible GullFloss EQ to 2 lucky people who sign up for the competition.

It’s a seriously awesome EQ & one we actually included in our best vst plugins list.

We’ve been able to offer this as part of a Black Friday deal that’s exclusive to us here & have also included it in our comprehensive list of best black friday plugin deals (2020).

So, if you’re interested in receiving £150 worth of gear for free, listen up & we’ll show you how to take part.

How To Participate in The GullFloss EQ Free Giveaway

To take part in this awesome offering, all you have to do is follow the link below & enter before the 23rd of November.

Winners will be selected at random & emailed with their free copy of GullFloss EQ!

Once you’re at the web address it’ll give you a selection of things to choose from to enter the competition & get GullFloss EQ FREE!

Each task will give you a different number of entries into the free giveaway – so you can do all of them, or you can choose just one.

gullfloss eq free giveway

For example, if you sign up to the SoundTheory newsletter, you’ll get 3 entries.

After you’ve completed one of those options, you’re done! Now all you’ve gotta to is be patient & wait for an email telling you whether you won or not!

What is GullFloss EQ?

SoundTheory’s GullFloss EQ is a theoretical physicists approach to EQ. So you can expect GullFloss to be all kinds of accurate & intuitive to use.

It’s based on a computational auditory perception model.

Which is…

Well a bit of a mouthful!

To explain it simply, it’s a form of AI technology that dynamically analyses & corrects your audio signal.

Gullfoss transparently changes its frequency response more than 100x a second while leaving the perceived dynamics untouched, without introducing those nasty audio artefacts in your audio signal.

It can be used to instantly improve the clarity of both mixes and tracks in a way that’s impossible with normal EQs.

Essentially, the algorithm intelligently picks out the elements in the audio signal that are dominating or being dominated in a specific frequency range.

If they are too prominent it has a ‘Tame’ feature, which will bring them back to a better level, or if they’re too hidden, you can use ‘Recover’ to help reveal them.

Gullfoss is a very interesting plug-in that could be very useful for both beginners and as well as experienced engineers.

Here’s that link to sign up again:

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