Get A Waves Plugin for Free on Black Friday (Sign up for 2021)

So as the Black Friday deals continue to shock us with new, amazing deals everyday, Waves have just announced that they're releasing an entirely new, free plugin for November the 26th, and you can sign up to get it today.

Like last year Waves will release a new plugin on the 26th of November.

Information around what the plugin could be hasn't surfaced yet, so we're in the dark on this one, but if it was anything like last year's CLA Echosphere, then we're in for a treat.

Last year we got CLA Echosphere, which is an awesome little Reverb/Echo unit that can be used to quickly add space, delay or ambience to any MIDI or audio track. The year before that Waves released Berzerk, which is a fantastic distortion unit that's capable of really mangling sounds.

We use Berzerk all the time in sound design, and we especially used it in our free Hyperpop Melody pack, to add subtle, crunchy distortion on a bus.

The year before that, they gave away H-Comp, which is a fantastic compressor plugin.

It'll be interesting to see what Waves have in-store for us this year. But, we can't really guess or make assumptions on what it will be. There's no clear cut pattern they've followed, for instance releasing a EQ, compressor, reverb, then doing the same.

Each year it's been totally random, and in more recent years they've created entirely new plugins for the Black Friday free plugin.

From what they've shared with us so far, we can tell it's a new plugin being released.

As can be seen in this YouTube video, it clearly states “new” and “free” a lot.

We can also see a really short sneak peak of what the knobs look like. If you pause it on them, the interface almost looks like it was drawn by a graphic novel illustrator. Whether that's something to do with the plugin, or just the video effects is another question though.

I guess we'll find out in due time…

It's also worth noting that for Black Friday, Waves are currently holding their Early Bird Black Friday Sale, on their entire plugin range, and you can save a lot of money on single plugins, and the entire Waves collection.

A lot of the best sellers are available for as little as $29.99, so now's a good time to splash the Waves cash.

You can head right to their sales page to take part in these sales, and you can also check out our Black Friday deals list (which we update daily).

Also while we're on the topic, Plugin Alliance have released a free mastering plugin: bx_masteringdeck.

That's definitely worth checking out alongside the free, Waves Black Friday plugin.

How Do I Get The Free Waves Black Friday Plugin?

waves free black Friday plugin

Here’s how you can get the free Waves Black Friday plugin (2021):

  1. Head to the Waves Black Friday sign up page
  2. Enter your email
  3. Wait until November 26th for your free plugin!


Waves are releasing a new plugin this year on November the 26th! To grab it, make sure you sign up at the link on this page. Then you'll be notified by email when it drops, with your free download.

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