Free Autotune VST Plugins – A List of The Best Free Pitch Correction VSTs

free autotune vst plugins
Want to sound great at singing without having to put all the hard work and effort in? Cmon this is 21st century - no ones got the patience for that hard work sh*t anymore! Then look...

XLN Audio RC-20 Review – A Beautiful, Vintage, FX Unit

xln audio rc20 review
We've all heard of it... XLN Audio RC-20. It's the retro colour plugin that everyone, including your gran has - and you're late to the party yet again. But is it really that good?

The Best Black Friday Plugin Deals (2020) [#1 Trusted Source]

best black friday plugin deals 2020
Here are the latest Black Friday plugin deals (& Cyber Monday Plugin Deals) for 2020: btw you can search the entire table for 'waves' or 'native instruments' & so on Also if you want the most...