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izotope iris 2 free download

Izotope Iris 2 FREE Until November 14th

As you can tell by the title, Izotope Iris 2 (which is usually $149) is now FREE until November 14th! Plugin Boutique are teaming up with Beatport to offer it as an early entry to the amazing Black Friday plugin deals that are coming this year. (bookmark our list to be the first to know

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best keyboards to make beats

6 Best Keyboards To Make Beats – Beginner to Advanced

6 best keyboards to make beats condensed list: M-Audio Oxyen 49 Arturia Keylab 88 Alesis V161 Arturia MiniLab MKII 25 Komplete Kontrol S49 Korg Kronos2 88 If there’s one thing in common with all producers, it’s that we all love to finger our MIDI keyboards when making beats. So you’re already a music producer, or

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mautopitch review

Mautopitch Review -UPDATED 2020 – How To Use Mautopitch?

Mautopitch – Free Automatic Pitch Correction Used for pitch correction and formant shifting VST, AU, AAX 0$ Website In the world of modern production, auto-tune has become more than a plug-in. It’s an effect that is an absolute necessity by todays standards. Whether you want to achieve that hard-tune sound of artists like T-Pain and

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loopcloud vs splice

Loopcloud vs Splice – Which Is Better? [An Honest Review]

Loopcloud vs Splice – the quick verdict: Loopcloud comes with an extensive sampler editor & suite of plugins, that are amazing for testing samples in context, before you waste subscription credits on them. Splice is more community based, & has a lot packs from popular music producers including DECAP. Both come with an incredible library

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best studio chairs for back pain

The 12 Best Studio Chairs [That Won’t Break Easily]

Here’s our list of the 12 best studio chairs for back problems: Budget: SIHOO Ergonomic Chair Amazon High Back Executive Chair Hbada Office Task Ikea Markus Ikea Nilserik Premium: Herman Miller Aeron Steelcase Leap Herman Miller Mirra Herman Miller Embody Haworth Fern Steelcase Gesture Crown Seating Studio Chair When you’re sitting down all day, whether

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do i need an ssd for music production

SSD vs. HDD for Music Production – What’s Best?

You don’t need an SSD – a normal 7200 RPM HDD drive will do the job. An SSD will however improve the speed of your music production software & computer overall. Sampler instruments will run faster & project audio will drop out less. If you’re building a new computer, check out our music production computer

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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