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best studio chairs for back pain

The 12 Best Studio Chairs [That Won’t Break Easily]

Here’s our list of the 12 best studio chairs for back problems: Budget: SIHOO Ergonomic Chair Amazon High Back Executive Chair Hbada Office Task Ikea Markus Ikea Nilserik Premium: Herman Miller Aeron Steelcase Leap Herman Miller Mirra Herman Miller Embody Haworth Fern Steelcase Gesture Crown Seating Studio Chair When you’re sitting down all day, whether

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do i need an ssd for music production

SSD vs. HDD for Music Production – What’s Best?

You don’t need an SSD – a normal 7200 RPM HDD drive will do the job. An SSD will however improve the speed of your music production software & computer overall. Sampler instruments will run faster & project audio will drop out less. If you’re building a new computer, check out our music production computer

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run uad plugins without hardware

UAD Plugins Without Hardware: The Ultimate Guide

Here’s the list of all the UAD plugins without hardware you can run: Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Softube’s Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier Softube’s ChandlerLimited Curve Bender Mastering EQ Eventide’s H910 Harmonizer SPL – Transient Designer Maag – EQ4 Introduction So… You’re interested in using UAD plugins without hardware? Well then you’re in luck because

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free acapellas isolate vocals with ease

Free Acapellas: Isolate Your Favourite Vocals With Ease

Have you ever found yourself searching endlessly on the vast internet for your favourite free acapellas, but not had any success? We have too, and it’s probably one of the most frustrating parts of producing, until you know where to look. Rather than make you spend countless hours scouring the web for all the best

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music production computer requirements

Music Production Computer Requirements – Everything You Need To Know

Here is a short summary of the minimum music production computer requirements: CPU: 2.2Ghz i5 or i7 quad-core processor. Memory: 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferred). Storage: 500GB – 1TB SSD or HDD (SSD preferred). OS: 64 bit operating system. Screen: 15″ or bigger. Soundcard: Scarlett 2i2 External Audio Interface Check out our music production starter kit. MUSIC

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Top 5 piano vsts free


Want to find great sounding, free Piano VSTs without having to shell out a ridiculous amount?  We did too… That’s why we embarked on our biggest mission to date: To find the best FREE Piano VST plugin available to music producers today! Yes you heard that right:  TOTALLY FREE VST PIANO PLUGINS THAT SOUND GREAT.

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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