Future Audio Workshop SubLab Bundle Available at 62% OFF

SubLab is a new type of bass synthesizer designed specificaly for hip-hop, future bass and trap genres.

Get the plugin along with 6 of their expansion packs for only $49 until May 2nd 2021 on Plugin Boutique.

What is SubLab?

Future Audio Workshops' SubLab is the favorite bass plugin for hip hop and bass music producers around the world.

In a league of its own when it comes to hard-hitting 808 sub-bass sounds, SubLab gives you a world of options for creating the bass of your dreams.

SubLab comes packed with 6 signature Bass Packs and 250 kick samples meticulously recorded from classic analogue drum machines and modern modular systems.

You can also drag and drop your own samples into the sampler and SubLab will automatically detect the pitch of your sample for a faster workflow. You can also build your own sample library as you go.

Additionally, SubLab is avery beautiful and sleek plugin and the visual feedback is well refined comprehensive.

SubLab has both a synth engine and a sampler engine, for ultimate variety in bass sounds. The synth engine is well-made, with sine, triangle, saw and square waveforms, as well as ADSR envelopes for volume, filter and pitch.

You can also mix between the sample and synth engine, to create unique, organic sounding 808s

An analog modeled filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes, adds to the functionality of SubLab.

Along with the 6 factory packs, the exclusive Plugin Boutique offer will land you another 6 extra packs, at a total reduction of $70.

The extra packs included are:

Divine Bass II, Richie Souf: Vol. 2, Hits DNA: Vol. 2, Hits DNA: Vol. 3, Crushed II, DECAP – 808s That Knock


  • Analog style synth engine with sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave options.
  • Factory library of 250 kicks and 808s.
  • Internal maximizer for expanding and distorting.
  • Loop mode
  • Lo-cut and hi-cut filtering.
  • All new psychoacoustic sub-bass oscillator.
  • Exact harmonic control
  • Synth, Sample and X-Sub engine frequencies overlaid.
  • Divided into 3 most important frequency bands.
  • Master maximizer for expanding and fattening.
  • True peak value meter for clipping control.
  • Fully resizable interface.
  • Editable glide curves.
  • BPM synced glide times.
  • Favorites category so you can always find your favorite patches.
  • Create your own patch packs and build your own library.
  • Available as VST2, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Available for both Windows and MacOS

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