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Flux Mini FREE Modulation Effect

Caelum Audio just released a free modulation effect unit, you can use to create some wicked sounding rhythmic effects.

You can grab it over on his website, alongside a number of other awesome free plugins such as, Tape Cassette 2 and One Loop. All you need to do is sign up using your regular email. It also has to be validated, so you’ll need to put a real one in, you pesky internet pirate.

What Is Flux Mini?

flux mini free modulation effect plugin

Flux Mini is a modulation effect unit that you can use as an LFO tool. It’s available for Mac & windows in VST3 & AU format. It also works in 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts.

It’s a simple plugin, but is definitely useful for those of you that live and breathe the auto pan (like I do). I always use auto pan on sounds to make a ‘phantom’ sidechain effect or LFO volume modulation.

Flux Mini takes this to the next level, allowing you to do the exact same but adding in filter control, LFO shape control, resonance and more.

It has a single LFO module which you can use to modulate the volume, or high pass & low pass filters. Unfortunately you can only modulate 1 of these per instance, but of course you could always just load multiple instances – if your CPU can handle it 😉

You can sync the plugin to your host’s tempo, or you can run it in ‘free’ mode, which allows you to alter the Hz, & therefore the speed of the LFO rate. You’ve also got access to a live visualizer, which displays the waveform of the affected audio. It’s pretty handy to see and is a welcome feature to the free plugin.

If you’ve already got a free LFO tool, like TAL’s Filter 2, or AutoTremWahLight, then you’re pretty much sorted and don’t need to download this. The TAL Filter 2 has more filter types, but isn’t as streamlined as Flux Mini.

Sometimes you just want a simple plugin to open and get a quick result. The Flux Mini is great for this purpose, but if you want something with more control – you’ll wanna look elsewhere.

It comes shipped with 20 different presets to choose from. One of the best things about Flux Mini is it gives you the ability to draw LFO shapes in. Draw any type of shape for you sound to modulate to. It also has a pretty handy ‘Grid Snap’ feature, which snaps to the grid & keeps your modulation drawing in time.

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