Free Foley Sample Pack Collection
free foley sample pack whipped cream sounds




free foley sample pack whipped cream sounds

282 expertly recorded ambiences, one shots & more.

Adding real-world sounds to your music is an incredible way to create an authentic, and human feel to your songs, that can’t be achieved with any of your expensive synth gear.

Natural sounds often create a vast amount of depth & texture that, without, would make your music sound like it’s ‘missing something’. Think of the classic rain/vinyl crackle, with lofi hip hop combo – it just wouldn’t be the same without it.

Foley is great for this, and can be used in your music as recognisable, memorable sounds. Not everyone can identify what a synth is, so having some real, human sounds in your music, can really help immerse the listener.

Extra Scoop is filled to the brim with unique drum one shots, ambient textures & more, including: London Underground train textures, interesting metal textures & tones, water sounds, tonal textures and a whole lot more.

Every single recording has been made using, professional & high grade recording equipment and has been carefully edited, cut, & separated to give you the most high-quality, useable files for your tracks.

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