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Editorial Guidelines for Whipped Cream Sounds

Welcome to the editorial guidelines of Whipped Cream Sounds, your premier destination for all music-related content, from piano chords to VST plugins, and music marketing to mixing and mastering. 

Our commitment is to deliver expertly crafted, accurate, and engaging content. Here’s how we ensure each article meets our high standards:

1. Research

Our articles are grounded in thorough research. With writers holding university degrees or working in the music industry, every piece is an amalgamation of expert knowledge and current industry trends. This ensures our content is not just informative, but also relevant and insightful.

2. Product Selection and Review Process

We take product reviews seriously. Engaging directly with plugin and hardware companies, we secure products for in-depth testing. Our experts spend weeks evaluating each item, ensuring our reviews are based on real-world utility and performance.

3. Editing

Each article passes through a meticulous editing phase. Our editors, skilled in both music and content creation, ensure clarity, coherence, and technical accuracy. This collaborative process between writers and editors guarantees content that is not only informative but also resonant with our audience.

4. Proofreading and Fact-Checking

We prioritize factual accuracy. A dedicated team proofreads each article, focusing on grammar, spelling, and technical details. This thorough fact-checking process ensures the credibility and reliability of our content.

5. Final Review

A senior editorial manager conducts the final review. This last check ensures compliance with our editorial standards, originality, and non-offensiveness, ensuring our content is both high-quality and respectful.

6. Publish

Only after an article successfully passes through these stages is it published. Our rigorous process ensures that each piece is not just a source of information but a reflection of our dedication to quality, expertise, and respect for our audience.

Here’s More That We Do to Keep Our Reader-First Policy at the Forefront

Continuous Improvement

Our guidelines are not set in stone. We regularly review and update our editorial processes to adapt to changing industry standards, technological advancements, and feedback from our readers. This commitment to improvement keeps our content dynamic and relevant.

Reader Engagement and Feedback

We value our readers’ perspectives. Encouraging reader comments and feedback, we foster a community where opinions and discussions are welcomed. This engagement allows us to stay in tune with our audience’s interests and preferences, and informs future content creation.

Accessibility Standards

Our content is crafted for everyone. Adhering to accessibility standards, we ensure our articles are understandable and reachable to a diverse audience, including those with disabilities. This includes clear language, use of subtitles in videos, and accommodating various learning styles.

By adhering to these guidelines, Whipped Cream Sounds stands as a bastion of trustworthy, authoritative, and engaging content in the music world. 

We are committed to maintaining transparency, accuracy, and a deep connection with our readers, ensuring that every article we publish resonates with the passion and diversity of the global music community.

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