Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Free Until End of February 2021

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Loopcloud (the sample subscription service) are offering Audio Damage’s Dubstation 2 delay plugin completely free until the end of February! You can redeem this offer by signing up for a free trial of Loopcloud, & have until the 28th of Feb to do so!

Dubstation 2 is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS devices & Linux. It’s available in both 32bit and 64bit versions.

What Is Audio Damage Dubstation 2?

Dubstation 2 is a painstakingly modeled, vintage bucket-brigade delay, made by Audio Damage, who make some of the most innovative & incredible sounding plugins on the market.

It’s a virtual analogue modeled delay plugin, meaning you’re gonna get all the dissonant & weird intricacies of original, vintage hardware.

Here’s what you’ll find in Dubstation 2:

  • Double Up – gives you the ability to apply 2 delay’s inside 1 plugin. It gives you a separate control for each, with delay time control, a ping pong mode & a cross-feedback effect.
  • Degrade – degrades your delay using analogue-style saturation. It also has some nifty low & high cut filters. You can use it to wreak havoc or inject warmth into your audio signal.
  • Modulate – a LFO which can apply subtle chorusing, doubling effects & even chirpy pitch sweeps. This really adds to the real-ness of the vintage sound Dubstation provides. You can make some awesome, warping-ly good sound using modulate!
  • Loop – a switch to turn your delay into a digital looper. Hitting this switch will prevent any distortion or modulation occurring to the looped signal. This can be useful if you want a sound to continue, but don’t want the extra effects on it.
audio damage dubstation 2 free download

It usually retails for $25 over on Plugin Boutique, but you can grab it for free right now using this current Loopcloud promotion.

As you can probably tell by the name, this plugin is perfect for that signature, old school ‘dub’ sound. If you’re looking to add some spacey, warping delays into your music – then you’re gonna love Dubstation 2.

To get the best out of Dubstation, you’re gonna want to go under the hood, & draw in some automation data. It’s best used on a send, or in an audio effect rack so you can blend your dry signal with the wet.

One of the coolest things about Dubstation is that the GUI has been specifically designed with high resolution screens in mind. For you Windows 4k users, you know this is a god-send.

It uses vector-based graphics, meaning you can resize the window to any size, and you won’t get any nasty pixels or having to squint to see f*cking everything.

*cough* iZotope take note *cough*

How To Get Dubstation 2 Free

Here’s how you can get Audio Damage Dubstation 2 for free:

  1. Sign up for a free trial at Loopcloud
  2. Wait for you exclusive coupon code
  3. Head over to Plugin Boutique
  4. Add Dubstation 2 to your cart
  5. Go to check out & enter your code in the discount section.
  6. Hit ‘recalculate’
  7. Enjoy your free plugin!
audio damage dubstation 2 free coupon code

If you’re also looking for another delay plugin, Plugin Boutique are currently offering the wicked Objeq Delay with any purchase. You can buy anything of any value, but it can’t be free to take advantage of this offer.

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