MtG Dialog Review – What We Thought of MtG in The Field

mtg dialog review

Mind the Gap, A.K.A. MtG is MAAT Labs’ is a time-saving solution to looping, and filling blank spaces when editing audio for videos, films, games, podcast, etc. This plugin was released a few years ago, and it’s a fantastic simplifier of a particularly annoying part of the editing work: matching the room tone and filling … Read more

Lalal.ai Review – Creating Studio Acapellas Just Got Easier & Cheaper

lalal ai review vocal extraction

Lalal.ai is a stem separation tool that you can use in your browser to separate vocals, drums, instrumentation, bass and more from tracks you’ve lost the stems to, or your favourite songs you want to remix/bootleg for Soundcloud or YouTube (not for profit of course) release. The obvious place to look for free studio acapellas … Read more

Soundiron Hyperion Strings Solo Violins Review

hyperion strings solo violins review

When it comes to orchestral sample libraries names like Spitfire Audio, Cinesamples, and Orchestral Tools tend to dominate the scene. However, the team over at Soundiron have also consistently proven themselves to be important players. Their Olympus Symphonic Choirs is one of the best on the market and their highly-regarded for their range of niche … Read more