The 12 Best Mastering Compressor Plugins For Music Production (& 5 Free Picks)

best mastering compressors

In the mastering stage, you’ll often need a compressor to either adjust the dynamic range of the piece, add subtle saturation to mold the frequency spectrum in a certain way, or straight-up improve the level of perceived loudness. In this article, we’ll focus on this side of the mastering process and go through several compressor … Read more

The 5 Best Sidechain Plugins for Music Producers

best sidechain compression plugins

Sidechaining is arguably the most prevalent mixing technique used in modern electronic music. Characterized by its signature “pumping” sound, sidechaining is the perfect tool for track separation in your music Most modern compression VST’s come with a sidechain feature built in, and a lot of the time, it’s the only thing you need. But sometimes, … Read more