Keyscape vs Arturia V Collection (Which is Better?)

keyscape vs arturia v collection

If you’re looking for keyboard instrument emulations, you’re bound to run into two names, Keyscape and the Arturia V Collection. While at first glance these might appear similar, they are anything but. With Keyscape and Arturia targeting different musicians, it can be difficult to make a choice. So which one should you get, Spectrasonics Keyscape, … Read more

OVOX vs iZotope VocalSynth 2 (Which is Better?)

waves ovox vs vocalsynth2

Vocals are the instrument that everyone has at all times. Unless you’re a trained vocalist, however, you probably don’t have the best grasp on your singing, or understand how to use it in a musical sense. This is where vocal effects come in. With tools like vocoders, talkboxes and more, musicians (like Daft Punk & … Read more

Compare Antares Auto Tune Versions

compare auto tune versions

To put it simply, here are the main differences between the different versions of Auto-Tune: Auto-Tune Access: Basic automatic pitch correction Auto-Tune EFX+: Basic pitch correction with more control and added vocal FX Auto-Tune Artist: Advanced pitch correction, designed for live-performance Auto-Tune Pro: Advanced automatic pitch correction, with graphical pitch and time editing Auto-Tune Unlimited: … Read more

Melodyne vs Autotune (Which Is Best?)

melodyne vs auto tune

Melodyne is one of the most powerful studio plugins ever, allowing for extremely in-depth adjustment of your vocals, both Monophonic and Polyphonic. Auto-Tune is the performers dream, letting you tune your vocals in real-time, or during a performance. Both plugins offer incredibly good pitch-correction algorithms, but the choice of which is best for you, depends … Read more