The Best LA2A Compressor Plugins for Audio Engineers

The Teletronix LA-2A is an all-time classic program-dependent optical compressor originally released by Teletronix in the ’60s. The patented technology went from Teletronix to Babcock Engineering and was finally purchased by the son of Universal Audio founder, Bill Putnam jr. This is a one-of-a-kind compressor because of its ingenious optical compression design. Since this meticulously … Read more

The Best Piano VST Plugins for Musicians & Producers

best piano vst plugins

From the classical musings of romantic era musicians to modern EDM sound stages, the piano has been the face of music since its invention. A great digital piano plugin for producing is almost a necessity. What digital pianos tend to struggle with, however, is realism. By the nature of the instrument’s popularity, nearly every human … Read more

Sonible smart:comp vs Fab Filter Pro C2 (Which Is Better?)

fabfilter pro c2 vs smart comp

Sonible smart:comp FabFilter Pro-C2 AI Compression ✅ ❌ Trial FREE 30-Day Trial ❌ Auto-Gain ✅ ✅ Sidechain ❌ ✅ Compression Styles ❌ 8 Compresion styles Price $179 $155 (40% Student discount available) Sonible smart:comp Review While “smart” plugins used to be just a trend, plugins like Gulfoss and Soothe 2 have proven that the idea … Read more