Do Isolation Pads Work & Are They Really Necessary?

do isolation pads work

Isolation pads are something that every music producer, audio engineer, or artist looking to get a more accurate sound from their studio monitors, will have come across. And, it often leaves people wondering: Do isolation pads work? In this article, we’ll cover whether isolation pads are really necessary, help you decide which sound isolation options … Read more

Studio Monitors Sideways or Vertical – Which is Best?

studio monitors sideways or vertical

Studio monitor placement can make a huge difference in your ability to hear and mix tracks professionally. In the interest of reducing phasing, comb filtering, and getting the most accurate response from your speakers, you’ll want to ensure their placement is the best for your speaker type and room. In this article, we’ll discuss the … Read more

Music Production Computer Requirements – Everything You Need To Know

music production computer requirements

Here is a short summary of the minimum music production computer requirements: CPU: 2.2Ghz i5 or i7 quad-core processor. Memory: 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferred). Storage: 500GB – 1TB SSD or HDD (SSD preferred). OS: 64 bit operating system. Screen: 15″ or bigger. Soundcard: Scarlett 2i2 External Audio Interface Check out our music production starter kit. MUSIC … Read more