6 Best Free Metering Plugins (Tested By A Full-Time Mixing Engineer)

free metering plugins

They say, “mix with your ears and not your eyes,” but what if I tell you that’s not necessarily right? In fact, relying only on your ears might be why your mixes don’t sound as great. And, using the free plugins listed below may be able to help! Most audio professionals in today’s world work … Read more

8 Best Autotune Apps & Plugins for iOS & Android Recommended By A Real Musician

best autotune apps for iOS and android

Autotune is a great tool for both professional and amateur singers. Pitch correction is constantly used in professional quality tracks and on singers you’d never believe had been autotuned! You can bet Adele, Arianna Grande and other huge Pop Stars with amazing voices are all using auto-tune. Why? Because, in music, people want emotion over … Read more