melodyne vs flex pitch

Melodyne vs Flex Pitch (Which Is Best?)

Melodyne and Flex Pitch are both graphical pitch editors, with awesome functionality to tune your vocals and other audio. Melodyne has polyphonic control and in-depth parameters, in addition to impressive transparency. Flex Pitch comes free with Logic Pro and is great for editing monophonic material, even though it’s less clean than Melodyne. So you’re wondering

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6 Best Earplugs For Musicians

The best earplugs for musicians are Earasers Earos One Decibullz Vic Firth High Fidelity Vibes Concert Rave HiFi Professional musicians have been dealing with the consequences of loud music, for a long time. Whether you’re experiencing Tinnitus, or losing your high frequency perception, hearing loss is a very prominent issue in the world of professional

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best free flute vst plugins

The 7 Best Free Flute VSTs & Libraries In 2021

From mysterious melodies, to orchestral pads, flutes can be a very powerful instrument. Flute VST’s have been popular for a while, due to their sound and timbre. Quite a few of these flute vst plugins are expensive though. That’s why in this article, we’re going to be running through the best free flute VST plugins

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why is fabfilter pro q 3 so good?

Why Is Fabfiller Pro Q 3 So Good? (Everything You Need To Know)

Here’s why FabFilter Pro Q3 is so good: Precision Dynamic EQ Mid/Side Processing Filter Shapes GUI & Workflow Spectrum Grab Multi-channel Overlay FabFilter’s Pro series of plugins have been a staple in music studios around the world. With intuitive workflows, pristine sound quality, and sleek looks, it’s more than likely that your favourite music has

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is serum good for hip hop

Is Serum Good For Hip Hop? ( Detailed Explanation Included)

Xfer’s Serum is fantastic for HipHop. It’s a wavetable synth that can be used to re-create common sounds from Hip Hop, or even be used to load up 3rd party Hip Hop preset packs. Serum shines in all other genres too, and can suit any style of music. We’ve personally used Serum in a tonne

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how to start producing music

How To Start Producing Music – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Making music is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Especially now, when it’s so easy to start that nearly anyone can start producing music, knowing where to start can be quite confusing. To help you on your music production journey, let’s look at the things you need to learn, to start to

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harry jackson playing made festival whipped cream sounds uk

Harry Jackson

Music Producer, Sound Design Expert & Founder of WCS!

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