Black Friday Plugin Deals 2021

best black friday plugin deals 2021

In this article we’re going to be covering all the Black Friday plugin deals, sample packs, sampler instruments, music accessories and more in 2021! We’ll keep adding to this list over the season daily, updating you with all the best Black Friday deals as soon as they drop . This season is going to be … Read more

The 7 Best Vocal Compressor Plugins & Tips (With 3 Free Picks)

best vocal compressors

We all love a nice crisp and upfront vocal tone. Unlike other instruments, mixing vocals and regulating their dynamics can be a real challenge since they occupy the most significant part of a song more often than not. It’s important to use the right compressor plugin for your vocal tracks to get the best out … Read more

DistroKid Review – Is DistroKid Really The Best? (Honest Review)

distrokid review

DistroKid is one of the most popular distribution services in the music community, but is it really worth all the hype? In this DistroKid review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about DistroKid before making the decision to purchase or not. Who Is DistroKid For? (The Quick Verdict) DistroKid is the best for independent … Read more

How Much Does Tidal Pay Per Stream? (Explained & Answered)

how much does tidal pay per stream

As an artist, it’s important to understand streaming royalties and their rates, because you can use this information to help maximize your revenue or even plan future goals. In this article, we spent hours diving into the statistics behind Tidal and how much they pay per stream. Looking for how much Tidal pay per stream … Read more

SplitEQ Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

SplitEQ Review

Whether you’re a gear nerd or a casual music producer who gets regular news feeds on the up-and-coming production tools in the market, you’ve probably heard of this revolutionary EQ called the SplitEQ. Taking the audio community by storm, the SplitEQ has had everyone talking about it. In this SplitEQ review, we spent weeks putting … Read more

Ploytec Mango Review – What You Should Know

Ploytec Mango Review

Harmonic saturation plugins are an essential tool for producers to add warmth and character to their sounds. But with so many on the market, it’s hard to sift through the noise and choose the perfect plugin. But with so many saturator plugins claiming accurate analogue emulation, finding the right plugin to suit your needs is … Read more