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The 11 Best VST Plugin Websites in 2023

Whether you’re searching for some good deals, want to buy your next big synth plugin, or just looking for cool free vst plugins to get creative with, you need to know where to look!

We’ve compiled our favorite places online, where you can search for VST plugins. From the gigantic Plugin Boutique, to the awesome Deals on APD, we’ve tried to include something for everyone.

So to jump into it, here’s the complete list of the 10 Best VST Plugin Websites:

  1. Whipped Cream Sounds
  2. Plugin Boutique
  3. Producer Spot
  4. Audio Plugin Deals
  5. WA Production
  6. ADSR Sounds
  7. Splice
  8. Rekkerd
  9. Plugins4Free
  10. Bedroom Producers Blog
  11. KVR Audio

1. Whipped Cream Sounds

whipped cream sounds plugins

Whipped Cream Sounds are coming in at top slot for the best VST plugin website, because of the sheer value we provide for our customers.

We’re stocking some of the industries best plugins at the most affordable prices you’ll find on the market, and we price match if you find in any other retailer cheaper – just shoot us an email!

That’s because our aim is to help music producers be better at what they do, and to provide the most incredible resources for an affordable price.

We understand what it’s like to be a broke producer, because we’ve been there, and we want to provide a place where musicians can get the best value, even if it means not making as much as other brands out there.

We also have awesome free, & paid sample packs + serum presets, for our people to download and create music with. So be sure to check out the free samples!

2. Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique VST plugin website

Plugin Boutique by Loopmasters is easily the most popular and ubiquitous VST Plugin marketplace on the internet.

Featuring a gigantic library of plugins, expansions and more, you’ll find nearly everything you’ll ever want on Plugin Boutique.

Our favourite thing about Plugin Boutique, are their awesome deals, which are always in rotation, so there’s always some money you can save with Plugin Boutique.

Additionally, if you’re a commited customer, you can start to accrue extra discounts, virtual cash and even freebies, when you shop at Plugin Boutique.

If you’re purchasing VST plugins, you should check Plugin Boutique first!

3. Producer Spot

producer spot plugin website

Producer Spot is another one of our favorite online music production marketplaces.

Legally distributing VST Plugins, Loops and samples, as well as e-books and music production courses, you can find a lot of cool things on Producer Spot.

In addition to constantly refreshed audio plugin deals, you can also explore their impressive library of loops and sample packs.

Their Bundles are also quite amazing, and are some of the best value you’ll ever get from samples and plugins.

Lastly, they have an awesome Autumn Sale going on right now, so go check them out, for some awesome deals and savings on plugins, sample packs and more!

4. Audio Plugin Deals

audio plugin deals plugin website

Probably the most straight-forward name for a website dealing in Audio Plugin Deals, APD is a hub for allthe best audio plugin deals on the internet.

Audio Plugin Deals switch out new deals every two weeks, and they always manage to highlight some incredible sales and promotions, that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you become an APD member, you’ll also have access to their awesome Rewards Wallet, which will let you earn virtual cash for every purchase you make.

You can also give them a positive shout-out on Facebook, to get a one-time 20$ Bounty Hunter bonus.

If you’re looking for the best place to find a good bargain on VST plugins, check out Audio Plugin Deals first!

5. WA Production

wa production vst plugin website

An excellent option for shoppers, looking for VST Plugins, WA Production has an awesome selection of plugins, software bundles and more.

If you’re looking for something more than just the usual discount, WA Production is the place to go. With deals that can go up to 90% off, WA Productions has constant VST Plugin sales going on, as well as seasonal mega sales, that you should look out for.

With that being said, you do need to be a member, to get access to the best of the best deals.

Additionally, a membership with WA Production will give you access to the Loopademy app, as well as reward points and more.

An excellent platform for learning and expanding, WA Production is one of our go-to’s.

6. ADSR Sounds

image 11

Easily one of the favorites in the community, ADSR Sounds is an awesome hub for plugins, sounds, and even tutorials.

ADSR Sounds is part of the ADSR website network, which also includes platforms like ADSR Courses, which is full of music production tutorials and video courses.

What makes ADSR Sounds particularly good, is their incredible web store, that’s populated with a lot of awesome plugins, and even plugin deals. Additionally, Their Sample library is immense, and is entirely royalty-free, exclusive to ADSR.

With Sounds from top hip hop producers, as well as a great selection of free plugins, audio efffects and exclusive deals, ADSR Sounds is one of the websites you need to check out!

7. Splice

splice sample & vst plugin website

If you haven’t heard of Splice by now, you must have been living under a rock. The industry breaking sample sharing platform has reinvented the way we look for samples.

And while samples and loops are still the bread and butter for Splice, their innovative Rent-to-own platform has made expensive plugins affordable.

Rent-To-Own is basically a subscription service, where you pay a certain amount of money per month, to use a plugin.

How it differs from usual subscriptions however, is that when you have paid the full amount for the plugin, you don’t have to pay anymore and the plugin is yours, forever.

Plugins like Serum, RC-20, Ozone 9, Pigments 3 and way way more, are available from Splice, and if you’ve ever wanted an expensive plugin, this is one of the best ways to get it!

Check out Splice if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

8. Rekkerd

Rekkerd vst plugin deals website

Rekkerd is one of our favorite music production websites, offering reviews, deals, and tons of free downloads.

While you won’t go to Rekkerd to purchase a plugin, you will go there, to find the best deals available to you.

Not only that, their incredible selection of free plugins and sample packs, is right there for you to download!

Additionally, their Reviews and News section are a great source of information, and research. Anything from new synths, to production tutorials can be found on Rekkerd, and we’re all in for it.

If you haven’t checked out their deals yet, you really should, and grab some free plugins and samples while you’re there, they’re really good!

9. Plugins4Free

plugins 4 free VST Plugins website

If you’ve been waiting for the part of our list, with the free plugins, it’s here!

Plugins4Free does exactly what it says on the box. Full of any kind of VST plugins you might imagine, from synths, to groove machines, effects, and even MIDI files, Plugins4Free is the go-to for some funky free plugins.

The stuff you’ll find on Plugins4Free isn’t your usual big developer software, rather audio plugins made by small developers, or individual people. This makes everything here super unique and interesting, if, maybe a bit lo-fi at times.

The biggest issue with free plugins usually is their sound quality, but you shouldn’t go into this expecting DSP level quality.

If you’re looking for some free inspiration, or fill out your arsenal of effects and synths, Plugins4Free is a great way to do it.

10. Bedroom Producers Blog

bedroom producers blog vst plugin magazine

If you have never been on Bedroom Producer Blog, you probably haven’t been making music for all that long.

BPB is one of the prime sources for Reviews, Tutorials, Guides and more.

Easily one of the best learning resources online for music producers, BPB is best known for their awesome reviews and articles. There is, however, an expansive list of free plugins for you to explore.

In addition, they also have specific sections for free DAW software, plugins, plugin deals, as well as free sample packs,

Truly one of the best places online for Music Producers, BPB deserves your clicks. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t like getting free stuff?

11. KVR Audio

kvr audio plugin website

Last but not least, KVR Audio is pro audio marketplace, designed as a hub and web store, for boutique plugins from developers you’ve definitely heard of, to ones you never have.

KVR Plugins’ has a vast library of plugins, featuring tens of thousands of effects, virtual instrument plugins, apps, DAW’s samples, synth presets and more.

Their selection of free plugins is arguably more impressive than their paid plugins. Featuring plugins, that you literally can’t find anywhere else, KVR is one of the inevitable destinations, when looking for free plugins.

Even without explicitly looking for it, we have found ourselves on the KVR page on literally hundreds of occasions, either trying to pin down a long-lost vst plugin, or browsing free samples.

KVR Audio might seem a bit daunting at first, but once you dive into it, you’ll find yourself looking at weird tape emulation plugins at 3 AM, and you’ll love it!

Finishing Up

Whether you’re looking for a gigantic marketplace, the best deals, or just some freebies, there’s plenty out there for you to explore.

Best Music Software companies tend to stick to the big markets, but when you start looking at the small developer stuff, you can start to find the most incredible sounds, even from free VST plugins.

Whatever it is, we truly hope you’ve found what you were looking for! If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out some of our other awesome reviews, lists and tutorials!

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