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The 10 Best Tools for Remote Music Collaboration

There’s no reason to limit your creativity, even if you need to create remotely. Now that many of us have gotten used to working from home, we’ve started to realize that there are plenty of tools that enable us to collaborate on music too, no matter where we are. From the industry standard digital audio workstations (DAWs) to innovative apps and cloud-based production platforms, there’s an excellent range of options available for remote music collaboration for musicians at any level. The following is our list of the ten best.

boombox dashboard


Branding itself as the new home of music collaboration, Boombox is an exciting new platform that offers an all-in-one solution for collaborators. Their goal is to make the entire process smoother, simpler, and better organized. From concept to production, distribution, and even monetization, Boombox is the ideal choice for anyone looking to collaborate on music remotely.

They offer 10GB of free cloud storage once you sign up, and they offer simple playback and playlist features that give you the ability to listen to tracks anywhere and everywhere you go. You even have the very cool option of leaving time-stamped voice memos anywhere on a track. Gone are the days of endless email and text threads where you can’t quite understand a concept someone is trying to convey. Sometimes, it’s just better to hear what someone suggests versus a text format.

Boombox offers simple song splits too, and you can send these out to your fellow collaborators for them to sign with just a few clicks, making legally-legit contracts easier to manage than ever before. Even with the free plan, you have a limitless amount of project creation. There’s even an iOS app, so you can listen, make notes, and communicate on projects no matter where you are in the world.

boombox remote collaboration music


splice cloud storage

Splice is a revolutionary online music collaboration tool that gives musicians the opportunity to work together without ever having to be in the same physical space. Musicians can upload their tracks to the secure Splice platform and invite any collaborators of their choice to add their own parts and tweak existing ones.

Not only does Splice make it easier for remote collaborations between artists, but it also provides helpful features such as unlimited version control, track breakdowns for easy organization, and an intuitive user interface.

With Splice, the lines between remote and local collaborations can be blurred – allowing artists from opposite sides of the world to share ideas, remix one another’s creations, and build upon each other’s excellent work with ease.


For anyone looking to collaborate musically with people who may be miles apart, Kompoz is an ideal remote music collaboration tool. This online platform not only allows musical artists to communicate easily with one another, but it also offers the option of creating and storing tracks all within the same interface.

Artists can record, share, upload individual tracks to the central project space, and get feedback from their collaborators in a matter of clicks. With its flexible multitrack wave editor, Kompoz makes creating and collaborating on songs more intuitive than ever. It brings together filmmakers, sound engineers, singers, podcasters – all sorts of audio professionals – to collaborate effectively and seamlessly from any location around the world.


SoundBetter is revolutionizing the way musicians and vocalists collaborate. This remote music collaboration tool provides an accessible and user-friendly platform for artists all over the world to come together and create music in a virtual environment. With a collection of over 350,000 songs from 800+ genres, it is easy to find the exact fit for any project.

Furthermore, SoundBetter’s powerful search engine allows users to conveniently search based on genre, instruments used, type of project, and more. Finally, their flexible pricing plan makes sure that everyone can benefit from their services, no matter their budget. SoundBetter is an incredible tool for any artist looking to break into the world of remote collaborations.


ProCollabs is an innovative, user-friendly remote collaboration tool specifically made for music creators. Offering cloud-based storage and hassle-free transfer of files between collaborators, ProCollabs allows multiple parties to work together on a single project at different geographic locations.

Not only does it facilitate the process of making amazing music, but it also promotes creativity by enabling fresh ideas from different vantage points of the world to be melded together. Moreover, ProCollab’s extensive security controls offer peace of mind that data shared by its users remain safe and secure, eliminating potential limits on creativity.


Vocalizr is a remote music collaboration tool that makes it easy for musicians from around the world to work together on projects even when they’re not in the same room. With Vocalizr, musicians can upload tracks, leave comments, and manage timelines without ever having to share physical space. This opens up an incredible realm of possibility for veteran and up-and-coming artists alike who are looking for new ways to collaborate.

Additionally, by using advanced audio tools such as reverb and EQ effects, it’s possible to create professional-quality recordings right from within Vocalizr. Any musician looking to expand their creative potential while still remaining socially distant should definitely check out this amazing collaboration platform.

And these recordings are perfect for uploading to YouTube’s audio library. As music owners, we have the ability to help others with creative commons music, public domain music, or even royalty-free music that anyone can use for YouTube videos. As a music owner and creator, this kind of work is fun and rewarding, and it’s a great feeling to hear your tracks on a popular YouTube channel. When creators use the YouTube video editor for their music videos, they can search for your unique work in the music library without fear of copyright claims.


A revolutionary way to write music is here with Melboss. This online collaboration tool has helped beginner and professional producers alike to collaborate on musical projects remotely, allowing a variety of creative minds around the world to connect and create art together.

Melboss places emphasis on helping musicians build relationships that are valuable for their craft, and the features it offers have given the music industry the opportunity to revolutionize how artists work together.

With its intuitive user interface, ease of use, and expansive features that allow for real-time interactions between members, Melboss has become one of the premier platforms for remote music collaborations in no time at all. Whether you’re working as a solo artist or creating with a team of talented professionals from around the globe, it’s easy to see why so many have chosen Melboss as their preferred way of making music.


AI MAstering Bandlab

BandLab is an innovative and powerful remote music collaboration tool. With BandLab, users can work together on projects from any location with talented artists from around the globe. Artists of any experience level can use multiple tools provided within BandLab to create and record high-quality songs, combining voice recordings and digital music files in one place.

Tools such as chat messages, WaveSurfer, and virtual desks are designed to bring a sense of real-time collaboration while allowing each musician to express their skills without boundaries. Whatever genre you enjoy creating or performing in, BandLab is sure to provide the perfect setup for you and your colleagues to unleash your musical creativity.


Vampr is an innovative new music collaboration tool for remote musicians. It enables users to match and connect with other performers, producers, and lyricists with ease. The app also provides a secure online platform to share songs and give feedback on each other’s work.

Vampr opens up a world of remote possibilities for bands, allowing them to create and collaborate without the need to be in the same room or even the same city. With its state-of-the-art search function and intuitive design, Vampr makes it functional – not just fun – for bands to find the right sound by connecting with different kinds of artists from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Vampr, music collaborations are no longer limited geographically.

Collaborating on new music helps other creatives as well. For those who want to know how to use copyrighted music on YouTube, for instance, Vampr can be a valuable tool not just for collaboration but also for licensing old tracks as well. SFX (sound effects) can also be used to enhance music and give it a unique feel. And with Vampr, users can find the perfect sound for their projects—all from the comforts of home.


Bandhub is an incredibly useful tool for all musically inclined individuals, allowing users to open up remote music collaboration no matter where they are. With Bandhub, virtual ensembles become simple and straightforward as users can construct audio projects with band members who are located anywhere in the world.

Through easy and intuitive drag-and-drop design features, users can add in new tracks, personalize sound effects, remix songs, and easily broadcast their work on various social media platforms.

In addition to its accessibility and affordability compared to traditional studio environments, Bandhub also boasts an impressive library of loops and samples provided by top industry professionals that elevate one’s creations to a whole new level.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a musician, producer, composer, or just someone who loves making music, these ten remote collaboration tools will help you craft amazing musical projects with ease. With intuitive user interfaces, expansive features, and unparalleled connectivity across the globe – these tools will open up many new possibilities for your work.

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