Best Music Distribution 2020: 11 Services You Should Know About

best music distribution 2020

Here are the 11 best music distribution companies (2020):

  1. Ditto
  2. Distrokid
  3. CD Baby
  4. Landr
  5. AWAL
  6. STEM
  7. Symphonic
  8. Fresh Tunes
  9. Amuse
  10. Reverb Nation
  11. TuneCore

Introduction – The Best Music Distribution Companies (2020)

An essential part of releasing music in today’s industry, is finding a great distribution service, so how do you know how to pick the best music distribution service in 2020?

Largely, digital distribution services all achieve similar results…

They get your music on streaming services like Spotify.

But, pricing & features can differ vastly.

In this article we’ve done the comparison for you, and compiled a list of the best digital music distribution companies in 2020.

We also weighed up the pros & cons of each physical & digital distribution service, so you can make a decision with ease.

To make it even easier for you, we added a search function, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through them all.

You can just search for what you want and it’ll appear! 

The Pros & Cons of Each Music Distribution Service

The Best Music Distribution Companies Explained in More Detail

If you’re looking for a bit more information on the best music distribution service in 2020, then this section of the article is for you.

We’ve written, in more depth, about the perks of being a part of the different platforms, so take a look.

We’re gonna kick this list off with Ditto, because it’s our number 1 distribution service & is the best value for money.

Let’s go!

Ditto (best music distribution 2020)

ditto music distribution homepage

Ditto is our favourite digital distribution service, and is top of our list for good reason!

By choosing digital distribution through Ditto artists keep 100% of your their earned streaming royalties (they don’t take commission).

Alongside also getting access to state of the art analytics systems that can help you really pinpoint and define your fan base.

On top of that, Ditto offer music video distribution and also provide you with the ability to create shareable pre-save links.

Pre-save links are streaming services answer to pre-orders.

These are hugely important for independent artists, to gain success when releasing music independently.

If you’re bringing out a new album, you can send this link to your fans and they save your album early.

This means it will get instantly added to your fans’ libraries as soon as it’s released.

Using pre-save links can help massively with the number of streams you get on your tracks.

And, getting a lot of plays in the first hour is detrimental to pleasing the streaming services’ algorithms.

Ditto’s premium plan costs $19 per year and, for that, you get to upload unlimited music online in the form of singles or albums.

They also offer a service specifically for people looking to start a record label with a stress-free approach.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to go down that route in the music industry.

Distribute your music through Ditto today!


distrokid music distribution sign up page

Distrokid is extremely similar &, is honestly neck & neck with our favourite digital distribution platform, Ditto music distribution.

You pay a fixed price per year for their premium plan.

This allows you to upload unlimited music and get paid 100% of your streaming royalties.

By distributing through Distrokid, you’ll also get access to pre-save links & video distribution.

One thing that makes Distrokid stand out from the other music distribution services on this list, is the ability to set up royalty splits that are automatic.

This is super useful when working with multiple artists on a single project – everyone gets paid their share and easily too!

With Distrokid, you can also claim your very own verified Spotify for artists profile, which becomes incredibly useful when using the in depth analytics systems it provides.

Distrokid costs $19.99 per year.

Distribute your music through Distrokid today!

CD Baby

cd baby music distribution homepage
CD Baby homepage

CD Baby is another contender for top slot of the very best music distribution companies for independent artists.

They do both physical and digital distribution in one place, meaning that you’ll be able to get your music onto CD, Vinyl and all major streaming platforms.

CD Baby also have the longest track history in the music distribution game & are one of Spotify’s preferred online music distributors, which means your tracks get approved a little faster than the other music distribution services listed here.

With CD Baby, you get paid 75% of your streaming royalties (they take a 15% commission).

They also charge $29 per album and $9.95 per single.

However, with that increase in price you get a load more tools, which can be used to generate more traction & to promote your music online.

These include, which is an incredible music marketing platform used by huge labels & DIY artists alike & HearNow, which gives your fans an easy, one-click route to all of your music.

CD Baby also offer some awesome discounts on extra music marketing tools that are great for indie artists such as:

These music marketing tools can be useful if you want to build a website or are just looking for places to get press articles.

Distribute your music through CD Baby today.


landr digital music distribution & mastering services

Landr is an incredible solution to music distribution in 2020, and they’re not just a music distribution company.

If you’re looking for a service that can get you on all streaming platforms, like Spotify.

AND ensure that your master is fit for each streaming service, then Landr offer an all in one, simple solution to music distribution.

Making sure your master is fit for each streaming service can be tricky and each one has their own rules.

Landr take a huge chunk of the work out here by making your music the right level for each streaming platform, so you don’t run into penalties for a track that’s too loud.

If you do go over the recommended loudness levels, streaming platforms can apply penalties to your music.

On top of that, they’ll also run your music through a limiter, which can affect the clarity of your drums & overall mix.

Landr runs a subscription based service for their automated mastering, and if you’re a member, you get access to their music distribution services for free.

While offering all this, Landr also allows some great opportunities for your to promote your music online, by offering to help with landing placements in big streaming playlists.

Distribute your music through Landr today.


awal music distribution

AWAL stands for, artists without a label & they’re great for all indie artists looking to become established artists.

They’re a really good service if you’re looking to try and expand your music’s potential as they can help you get on Spotify playlists.

AWAL also have their very own A&R team that monitor everything and can upstream artists who they think have real talent or are destined for success.

AWAL don’t charge directly for releases either! However they do take a 15% commission of the streaming royalties that your digital music earns.

When submitting music to AWAL, you have to apply through their website to get accepted.

They offer some of the best analytical tools of any of the distribution platforms going, which you can use to promote your music.

Distribute your music through AWAL today.


stem digital distribution
free music distribution company – Stem

Stem is a completely new music distribution service in the music industry & they’re relatively cheap if you’re looking to release your music independently.

They charge 5% commission on your tracks and actually don’t have an upfront charge, which means more streaming royalties for you!

When you pass the application form, you get access to a direct representative that can help you promote your music to more fans and generate more of a hype around you as an artist.

At the moment, Stem is currently closed to the public, so you have to get an invite to their website in order to get access.


symphonic digital distribution free

Symphonic are more of a music marketing choice for distribution.

They offer some great extras as part of their packages that can generate you more plays and give you the knowledge to perform better within the industry.

They also offer music video distribution services that allow you to get on VEVO, TIDAL and more.

Symphonic offer their packages to both English speaking countries and Spanish, so if you’re Spanish using this service could be beneficial.

Distribute your music with Symphonic today.

Fresh Tunes (best music distribution 2020 free)

fresh tunes free music distribution service

Fresh Tunes is your solution to completely free music distribution!

That’s right, you heard us… no fees or commission to release your tracks across all streaming platforms.

They also offer something most other platforms don’t, which is distribution to Chinese streaming platforms.

You’re probably asking, “how do they make money if it’s free”?

When putting your track on Fresh Tunes you get the ability to get some feedback from industry professionals, so you can see how they view your tracks and where you can improve.

Amuse (best music distribution reddit)

amuse music distribution services & label
(Best music distribution reddit)

Amuse is another music distribution company that offers free music distribution.

They offer their music distribution for free upon the deal that, if your tracks do well, they can offer you a 50/50 split record label deal.

It can be good to submit to Amuse distribution to see if your music is label material as it can often be difficult as an artist having to make music and market it yourself.

Labels do the hard work and get your name out for a split, so it might be worth checking to see if you’ve got what it takes.


reverbnation music distribution service

Reverbnation is a service that is great if you’re a band, rather than a solo musician or a music producer (but you can still use it whatever you are).

It’s a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to marketing in music and they offer some great packages for $20/month that can get you access to e-mail tools (you can use to mail your list with), some awesome distribution services and a great analytics tool.

Reverbnation also offer the ability to get TV placements, your music sent to labels and live gigs at major festivals.

As well as all of this, Reverbnation acts as a kind of social media for artists and gives you loads of tools that can promote your music & get it heard.


tunecore music distribution company

You’ve probably heard of these guys from their SoundCloud advertisements.

TuneCore is a great choice if you’re looking to get all your music across all streaming platforms in a stress-free way.

They mostly offer the same features as the other music distribution companies on this list, but charge for each single and album.

They don’t charge anything on commission, so your streaming royalties are yours to keep, and they also collect your song royalties worldwide which is great if your music is popular elsewhere.

TuneCore costs $29.99/album and $9.99/single

Which is The Best Digital Distribution Service for Me?

Most distribution services you encounter online will get you what you need to have your music available to listen to easily, but it’s important to know the difference between each service and how they can benefit your career before you make a choice.

Some will be able to offer full commission and others can offer some incredible marketing tools, it all comes down to what you think is best for your music when you make a decision.

We’ve just provided some guidelines so you can make an informed choice.

If you’re looking for the best value service, with the best analytics and DIY tools then Ditto is what we recommend hands down.

As a recap, the 11 best digital music distribution companies in this article are:

  1. Ditto
  2. Distrokid
  3. CD Baby
  4. AWAL
  5. STEM
  6. Landr
  7. Symphonic
  8. Fresh Tunes
  9. Amuse
  10. Reverb Nation
  11. TuneCore


That’s it for today, so thanks for reading this far and we hope we’ve helped in some way.

Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference as we’ll be updating it with each change as and when the distribution companies change their prices etc.

Also, if this article helped you in any way and you know someone who could benefit from it, hit that share button!

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