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Here’s a shortened list of our top 16 best free VST instruments for Mac & Windows:

  1. Valhalla Supermassive (huge verb/delay)
  2. Spitfire Audio Labs (free orchestral library)
  3. iZotope Viynl (lofti weapon)
  4. Dexed (FM synth)
  5. OrilRiver Reverb (reverb)
  6. LoopCloud Drums (drum VST)
  7. Collab 3 Organ (organ VST)
  8. Voltage Nucleus (modular synth)
  9. Charlatan 2.0 (analog synth)
  10. MiniMogue VA (mini moog emulation)
  11. Ample Guitar M Lite (guitar VST)
  12. Piano in 162 (piano VST)
  13. Ticky Clav (clavinet VST)
  14. MCompressor (compressor)
  15. MEqualizer (EQ)
  16. Tal Reverb 4 (reverb)


To make things even easier for you, we decided to break this post into sections.

And, when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we also added a search function.

Just type in something like ‘reverb’ or ‘saturation’ and all the best free VSTs of that nature will pop up 🙂


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