Free Acapellas: Isolate Your Favourite Vocals With Ease

Have you ever found yourself searching endlessly on the vast internet for your favourite free acapellas, but not had any success?

We have too, and it’s probably one of the most frustrating parts of producing, until you know where to look.

Rather than make you spend countless hours scouring the web for all the best resources, we thought we’d put them all in one place. As we all know, systematising tasks and making them easy is the best way to speed up your productions and get more creative, so let’s dive in.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to:

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If you’re a producer looking for those rare acapellas, then you need to know about Spleeter.

Spleeter is a program built by, Deezer that works by using Python (computer code language) to remove vocals from your desired track. It’s an extremely powerful tool and can even go as far as isolating separate stems.

For instance, you could use Spleeter to isolate the bass from a track or the guitar or just the plain old vocals.

Check out the video below to find out how to use it!

Spleeter has to be the best piece of software on this list, once you understand how to use it, but if you’re not very tech savvy we’ve got some other alternatives here for you that are much simpler!

There’s also now a max4live device for Ableton users and it’s only $1!


Splice is an absolute haven for producers that are looking for a large library of samples, loops, one shots and… you guessed it, vocal acapellas. They house over 2m samples and that list is always expanding with new packs being added constantly.

Whatever kind of sound you’re looking for, with a simple search, you’ll find it.

If you’re looking for some free acapellas that are high quality, then be sure to check them out. They have a 14 day free trial, which allows you to grab loads of samples/acapellas before it runs out.

Expand Your Sound with Splice. Try it for free now!

This is an absolute godsend if you’re not technical and you are looking for an alternative to Spleeter. takes away all the hard work of having to understand how you to get Python to work and let’s you upload your desired tracks to their site. It’ll then process them and pop out the isolated vocals.

When using, you can use two methods to isolate the vocals. Either by uploading, up to 5 individual stems, or uploading just the instrumental and the original track. Then all you need to do is sit back and let Splitter do it’s stuff.

It’s a completely free service, but if you’re feeling generous, they give you the option to donate to them or support their patreon.


Loopcloud Music App from

LoopCloud is heaven for producers that are looking for a vast library of vocal acapellas, samples, loops & more.

Created by the people behind the well known Loopmasters platform, Loopcloud is a great option when it comes to looking to expand your sound library.

Like Splice, they’re always constantly adding new packs & sounds and already have a huge variety of noises to choose from.

If you’re looking for some great sounding professional, free vocal acapellas, they offer an incredible free trial that you can make use of to download tonnes of new samples & acapellas.

Redefine sampling possibilities. Try it for free now!


If you’ve ever been on YouTube to look for acapellas, you’ll know that there are thousands upon thousands that you can sift through. Sometimes it’s difficult to find acapellas that sound good, but you can find some real gems if you look hard enough.

It’s always good to check YouTube for acapellas because the vocal is already isolated & you don’t have to do anything to it. You can simply download it and get on with your producing.

To get acapellas from YouTube, just search for what you want & have a browse. Then, if you need to download it, you can use a site that will convert the video to MP3 or simply download the video & convert yourself.

You’ll only get MP3’s from YouTube, which can cause compression and unwanted artefacts to show within the acapella, but it’s a good place to find some great vocals.

Screen Shot 2020 03 11 at 16.56.53 is an absolute beast. It’s one of the best places to find free acapellas and is actually a designated site for just that!

It houses a ridiculous collection of vocal acapellas (14k) will have your mouth watering. You can find anything from vintage hip hip to chart toppers.

They offer free and paid plans to their users, but the free one is just fine. Saying that, there are some awesome benefits with the paid plan, which allows you to have unlimited downloads & previews.

With a free account you get access to 5 downloads per month. If you’re not a track pumping machine, then this could work fine for you. We’ve never paid and 5 acapellas has been more than enough each month.

Who Sampled

If you don’t know about Who Sampled, then you need to check it out. It’s a great resource site that helps uncover who your favourite artists have sampled. When you search for a track it will tell you what the producer has sampled, when the sample first appears in the song and what track it’s from.

This is extremely useful to find rare clean vocals in original tracks that could be used in your productions.

Using Who Sampled to find free acapellas is a little bit more difficult than the other methods. But sometimes, putting in the most work to find the rarest acapella or sample is the best – you’ll have something that not many have.


Acapellas4U is another dedicated website that solely focusess on free acapellas. Like they house a huge variety of acapellas that could be used in your productions, but offer some more benefits.

Unlike, Acapellas4U let’s you download 30 acapellas a month and has a rating system which let’s you know whether you’re wasting your time with a terrible acapella or not. You don’t want to be wasting those 30 credits!

Check out what they have to offer.


Producer Paradise reddit banner 2

Reddit is one of the biggest & best places to discuss anything to do with music production online. There are tonnes of groups you can join that all have different themes of discussion, so whatever you’re looking for, you can find it.

Included in that large number of groups is a great subreddit called r/IsolatedVocals. On here you’ll find free acapella requests, free downloads and also tutorials on how you can make your own acapellas.

When looking for vocals, check it out, because you can find some gold.

While we’re here, we also have a Reddit community dedicated to all things music production where we’ll be posting loads of cool content soon.

Facebook Groups

This one is similar to Reddit. If you search on Facebook for a little you’ll find dedicated groups that have the sole purpose of being places to discuss all things music production.

If you’re having trouble finding free acapellas, it’s always wise to ask communities for help because there are some amazing people out there that have already found what you’re looking for.

Join our Facebook group, where you can learn, network & ask for feedback on the designated Feedback Friday’s posts.


When looking for acapellas, it can be difficult to know where to find them. That’s why we scoured the internet to find the best resources we could find. We hope this list has helped you &, if you have any hidden or secret gems that can help other producers, leave a comment below… we’ll update the list!

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See you soon x

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