Baby Audio Releases Magic Dice Free For Black Friday

Last updated August 2, 2022

With the Black Friday VST deals picking up momentum, there are so many cool, new plugins, deals and freebies being released.

Baby Audio decided to join us today, releasing a new free plugin for us, called Magic Dice.

To get Magic Dice for free this Black Friday, all you have to do is head over to Baby Audio's freebie section on their website, pop your email in, and you'll get a link for the free download. You can then install the plugin on your Windows or Mac machine, and get rollin'!

There's no timed limit on getting this plugin and it's going to stay up on Baby Audio's website to download for free forever.

What Is Magic Dice?

baby audio magic dice free plugin

Magic Dice is the successor to Magic Switch, which was their last freebie based on the much loved Super VHS plugin that music producers have been giving a lot of love.

The concept of these “Magic” plugins is to include all the characteristics of the paid plugin, but with the click of a single button.

Magic Dice is the exact same, and has been made to include the entire sonic palette of Spaced Out, in a simple, single button plugin.

There's not too much to Magic Dice, although it does create some pretty amazing results sonically.

You literally just press the dice in the middle of the plugin, and it gives you a random selection of what sounds like delay, reverb, chorus, phasing and echo to us.

It's a pretty cool plugin to have in your selection if you're struggling for ideas on how to add space to your sound, and actually comes up with some really nice sounding results that I was using to create beats with afterwards.

Sound Examples

We think it's best you hear what Magic Dice sounds like before you grab it, just so you can see the type of results you can get from the plugin.

We had a play around with it using our free, royalty free, Redd Velvet Hyperpop Melody Pack w/Serum Presets & here are the results:

As you can hear, it adds some really interesting space, and variation to the sounds above, and it does it all without having to think about anything, which is fantastic if you're looking at it from a workflow perspective.

However, it's kinda annoying that you can't change any of the controls at all, and we would have liked at least a few knobs to turn.

All in all, it's a great plugin that will get you a great sound. And, as a plus… it's FREE!

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