Baby Audio Black Friday Plugin Deals – 44% off Site Wide

So with the Black Friday music deals in full swing, we're seeing more, and more VST plugin developers joining the sale as each day passes.

Today Baby Audio decided to join in on the fun, offering a whopping 44% saving on all their plugins, until December 5th 2021.

That's an incredible saving, and you can grab all plugins for as little as $129 right now.

baby audio black friday plugin deals

To take part in the Baby Audio Black Friday plugin deals, all you need to do is, head over to their website, choose the plugins you want to buy and checkout – it's that simple.

You can also grab these deals from Plugin Boutique, or PluginFox if you want to use a plugin distributor, rather than purchase from Baby Audio themselves. Sometimes, this can have benefits, because you can save up virtual cash for future purchases.

You have 10 Black Friday deals to make use of until 25th December, including:

Baby Audio Black Friday Bundles:

Baby Audio Black Friday single plugin deals:

Baby Audio make some of the most incredible creative FX, and mixing plugins for an affordable price.

For instance, if you take a look at the price of Soothe 2 vs Baby Audio Smooth Operator – they do the same job, but Soothe is $100 more than Smooth Operator.

Soothe 2 is better at doing this, but if you're on a budget, Smooth Operator is equally as fantastic, just a little bit stripped back.

I've personally used both, and I would highly recommend both. Soothe has the edge, but Smooth Operator was my go-to plugin for sorting out resonance before I got Soothe and at $39 right now, if you need a dynamic resonance suppressor, this is an absolute steal.

And, that's just one of the deals that Baby Audio is offering for Black Friday!

Their plugins are phenomenal, and so are the deals for Black Friday right now.

Stay up to date throughout the Black Friday period:

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