The Best Free Music Distribution Services For Musicians & Producers

Music distribution is an essential part of the process when releasing music. Without proper distribution, your tracks won’t reach all the streaming services and stores you need it to. However, music distribution can be too expensive for some. That’s why in this article we’re going to cover the best free music distribution services you can … Read more

Distrokid Publishing – Is Distrokid A Publisher? Everything You Should Know

is distrokid a publisher

DistroKid is one of the most popular distributors for independent musicians. Using DistroKid, artists can collect their streaming royalties – all their revenue from streams on streaming services like Spotify. But what about performance and songwriting royalties? In this article we’re going to answer the question, is DistroKid a music publisher, what do they collect, … Read more

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream? We Thoroughly Researched it

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