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About Kevin

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Kevin founded Music With Flavor in 2018 out of his passion to provide actionable knowledge and advice for DIY and independent musicians. The Music With Flavor blog merged with Whipped Cream Sounds in 2023 as part of Kevin focusing more time and energy on his day job.

Hi, I’m Kevin, founder of Music With Flavor. I founded Music With Flavor to provide you with the best possible industry knowledge, tools, strategies, and techniques to help you cut through the confusion that comes with trying to grow your music career.

We know that the music industry can be complicated and stressful at times, so our goal is to help you turn those feelings of overwhelm into confidence that you are on the right path.

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But Why Listen To Me?!

My musical journey began over ten years ago as part of a Canadian hip-hop duo known as KBL. I started out as an artist with a lack of confidence and absolutely no guidance whatsoever. 

However, being a young and naive kid in his early 20s, I forged ahead and made a ton of mistakes along the way. Through what I call blind optimism, I finally started to get a bit of traction with my music.

However, I quickly realized that in order to be truly successful in music, I had to start thinking and operating more like a business. All while still trying to juggle the creative aspects of releasing new music.

My experiences have taught me a lot and I have witnessed some of both the lowest and highest points of my life all thanks to music. All this is to say that…

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I Simply Love Music!

While I’m sure that statement is true for most people, I tend to heavily nerd out on more than just the music itself and try to get to the core of how artists think and navigate the music industry.

The purist in me hates how marketing and clout chasing is beating out just simply having talent and making good music.

However, at the same time, my curiosity about the finer details of how these projects are marketed and all the moving parts involved is a full-blown passion of mine.

I’m about pulling back the curtain and getting to the bottom of what actually works and will bring you results rather than leave you spinning your wheels.

But even with all my time spent in music myself or researching the various areas of the music industry, I don’t pretend to know nearly as much as many of the industry experts out there do.

Truth is, I have mad respect for those folks and all that they know but sometimes it can be hard to tap into the knowledge of these individuals.

My Music Network Knows Best

And that’s why what I write isn’t about what I know. It’s about what my network of music industry experts knows.

That’s right…to once and for all create the most trusted, expert source of music industry advice, I’ve done a ton of research, emailed, called, and spoken to hundreds of artists, producers, managers, entertainment lawyers, music distributors, publishers, indie label owners, etc. and hand-picked the best folks to give you the best advice.  

So, my role on this site isn’t to answer the questions…it’s to come up with the questions that need answering. But I don’t do that on my own either as our team works hard to stay up to date with all the new trends and bring you the resources you need to keep ahead of the curve. 

We do lots of online reading to see what’s unanswered or answered poorly. We continue to talk to plenty of artists and industry pros. AND, we get lots of great questions from people like you. 

We want to help you in developing your very own recipe for success when it comes to growing your independent music career and we hope you find a ton of value in our content!

Bye for now & Happy Creating, 


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