Get AudioThing’s WaveBox Free Until March 31st at PIB

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Plugin Boutique are back with their monthly freebies! This month, it’s the amazing waveshaping plugin from AudioThing: WaveBox.

Buy anything from Plugin Boutique during the month of March (1-31st), and receive a free copy of WaveBox (usually valued at around $60).

You can also double up on this promotion if you want to grab some more AudioThing goodies. AudioThing are running a Sale on 6 other plugins right now, and you can get up to 50% off all of them!

What Is WaveBox?

Wave Box is a dynamic dual waveshaper plugin that can be used for both symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion. A waveshaper is a type of distortion in which the input signal is mapped to the output by applying a fixed or variable shaping function.

Wave Box features two separate waveshapers that can be mixed together while being modulated by 2 LFOs and 1 Envelope Follower. You can design your own waveshaping curves by combining and adjusting 6 pre-defined functions (tanh, sinh, sin, linear, floor, round). Wave Box can range from mild tube-flavoured overdrive to extreme digital harshness.

Symmetrical VS Asymmetrical

When a shaping function is applied equally to both the positive and negative part of the signal (symmetrical waveshaping), odd harmonics are generated. Instead, when a shaping function is applied only to either the positive or the negative part (asymmetrical waveshaping), even harmonics are generated.

In Asymmetrical Mode (± on), the first shaping function is applied to the positive part while the second shaping function is applied to the negative. The Bias, in this case, controls an offset added between the positive and negative part of the signal.

In Symmetrical Mode (± off), both shaping functions are applied to the whole signal. The Bias, in this case, controls the mix between the two functions.


  •  2 Waveshapers
  •  6 Shaping Functions
  •  2 LFOs with 6 Waveforms
  •  Envelope Follower
  •  Oversample up to 16x
  •  30 Factory Presets
  •  Preset system with randomizer
  •  Formats: VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
  •  Platforms: OSX, Windows

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