Audiomodern Opacity 59% OFF Until 24th Feb

Audiomodern's incredible library of cinematic guitar, & professional six string performances is now 59% off and you can get it here.

You can make use of this wicked deal until the 24th of February, and after that it'll be gone. It's an exclusive deal, to the shop: Audio Plugin Deals – so to make use of it, head over to their website.

Opacity usually retails for $99, but is available for $49 at the moment.

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What Is Opacity?

Opacity is a Kontakt player instrument created by Audiomodern. Don't worry if you don't own Kontakt, you can use Kontakt player for free. So you'll be able to use Opacity even if you don't own anything from Native Instruments.

Included is a huge library (5.6GB in total) of cinematic guitar sounds, that can be manipulated in pretty much any way you'd like. They're perfect sounds for Film, TV, Sound Design, Games and pretty much anything to do with commercial composition, but would also sound amazing in tracks.

With Opacity, you get a bunch of wickedly rich atmospheres, percussive rhythms, harmonic sounds, incredible leads and a whole lot more. It's one of the best guitar plugins we've heard that's available to producers.

Listening to the sound quality of each patch, you can hear just how much engineering work must have gone into this sampler instrument. Each sound is ready to go, so you don't have to tweak anything for it to fit your productions. But, of course (if you'd like), you get control over a number of functions.

These functions include:

  • Reverb – a fully functionable impulse response, stereo reverb which can create lush, wide spaces.
  • Delay – a simple delay unit you can use to add a bit more texture to your sounds.
  • Chorus – a simple chorus unit.
  • Attack & Release – alter the attack and release of each chord, phrase, swell or sequence.
  • Cabinet settings – change the amp style you'd like to add to your sound.

One thing that sets Opacity apart from other Guitar sampler instruments, is the ability to add 4 different loops and 1 shots together. You can choose from: Chords, Phrases, Sequences and Swells.

These allow you to play chord progressions and melodies exceptionally fast, using virtually no music theory. You also get the key of each sample, which means if you want to change the key of things, you can go ahead and pitch shift these around.

It's a great sounding plugin, speeds up workflow and is also pretty affordable. If you're not great with your theory, you can make some absolutely wicked sounding progressions by pretty much slapping your hand on the keyboard.

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