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AudioThing's tape emulation plugin: Reels, is now 60% off over at Audio Plugin Deals, until March 3rd 2021.

This is the perfect plugin for anyone looking to inject that beautiful, warm, vintage feel into their music quickly.

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What Is AudioThing Reels?

audio thing reels tape vst plugin

Reels is a tape emulation plugin designed by AudioThing. It has been meticulously designed to perfectly emulate all the old analog imperfections that came with tape recorders. Back then we wished they didn't have them, now we want those imperfections back.

With Reels you can easily inject a vintage, warm, cosy Lo-Fi sound into your tracks.

It has been specifically designed to emulate 3 types of old tape recorders:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Italian

This gives it a very distinct Lo-Fi analog sound, and allows you to choose from different styles depending on the feel of your track. With Japanese tape you'll get the highest fidelity audio, with Italian it's slightly lower, with French being the worst quality.

With Reels, you get a number of controls to play around with. You can change the tape speed, harshness, wow/flutter; you can duck the audio & also enable cross talk. All of these settings will affect the vintage warmth of your sound.

You also get a noise module, which you can alter the hiss & motor noise, as well as link these to an envelope.

Below that you'll find the echo section, which can be used to create some classic, warping & wonky delays in your audio. It's has limited controls, including only time, feedback, lowpass & level controls, but don't let this fool you into thinking the sound is poor.

One of our favourite functions of Reels is the ‘tape stop' effect. When you stop the audio, it will slow down, just like an old tape recorder would – it'll also speed back up when hitting play again.

Pair this ‘tape stop' with some echo & some automation of the tape controls, and you're well on your way to making some wild, warping Lo-Fi goodness.