Get Up To 50% OFF All AudioThing Plugins

AudioThing are offering a huge sale of their great range of plugins, on Plugin Boutique

Save up to 50% off their most revered products, including Alborosie Dub Station, Speakers, Reels, VinylStrip, Things -Texture and Springs.

The promotion is running from March 1st, through to March 31st, so go pick up some great new plugins while you can.

audiothing plugin sale

AudioThing are a unique name in the world of VST plugins. Creating everything from vintage valve emulations to complex convolution processing effects.

During this promotion, there's quite a few plugins for you to choose from:

Things – Texture – 53% off

Texture, an easy to use granular reverb with pitch shifting and mid/side mode. Texture can transform any sound into an ambient soundscape, or add that drone vibe to your tracks. This plugin was inspired by the techniques used in the soundtrack and sound design of the award-winning indie game The Swapper.

Vinyl Strip – 50% off

Vinyl Strip is a multi-effect plugin featuring 6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb, and Vinylizer. Vinyl Strip will add life and an old school touch to your samples and tracks, and achieve that classic vinyl record sound in your digital environment.

Springs – 40% off

Springs is a plugin that features a collection of vintage spring reverbs paired with an authentic Baxandall EQ emulation. Springs features emulations from 11 types of spring reverbs, ranging from a long 6-spring pipe to a tiny battery-powered single-spring unit. AudioThing have used a combination of convolution and modelling to recreate the vintage character of each reverb.

Speakers – 37% off

Speakers is a plugin designed to emulate a wide range of loudspeakers and microphones using AudioThing's state-of-the-art convolution engine. You can shape any sound like it’s being played by an old telephone, radio, or cabinet; or shape it like it’s being recorded by a vintage ribbon microphone.

Speakers features a freely configurable effects chain, comprising compression, distortion, and filtering, as well as an array of looping background noises for setting the sound in a variety of environments.

Alborosie Dub Station – 36% off

The Alborosie Dub Station, or Filter, Echo, Spring, by Alborosie, combines three seperate effects, the ECHOWUK echo, Spring Bling spring reverb and Filter Man high pass filter, to achieve the legendary DUB sound.

In creating the plug-in, Alborosie and Audio Thing sampled, analyzed, and carefully recreated the original filter, echos, and spring reverbs used by the legendary Osbourne Ruddock “King Tubby”. The producer, studio engineer, and pioneer of dub reggae from the golden era of the 70s.

Reels – 30% off

Reels is a tape emulation plugin with built-in echo section and tape start and tape stop effect. Based on an old Japanese portable tape recorder with a very distinct Lo-Fi analog sound, Reels emulates all the imperfections of consumer reel-to-reel recorders.

Reels will add a very rough retro analog sound to your mixes. If you are looking for a Hi-Fi mastering tape emulation, this is not the plugin for you!

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