AUDIO PLUGIN SALE: Plugin Boutique’s Birthday

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The best audio plugin sale we seen this year is now on & you can get industry standard plugins for as little as £8.88 ?.

Today is Plugin Boutique's Birthday and to celebrate turning 8 years old today, they've decided to throw a massive Birthday sale and we're covering some of the best deals they've got, starting with Izotope.

If you want the full list, then be sure to check our audio plugin deals section that will cover everything.

This year around they've not only thrown a party and baked a cake, but they've also gone all out on the goodie bags.

If you're a pretty seasoned music producer or you've just started, you'll know that Izotope make some of the best plugins on the market for mastering. Almost anyone who is in the mixing or mastering realm will own one of their products.

So you're probably wondering where these deals are and how do you make use of them?

This article is going to cover all of the current deals & savings you can make use of throughout the Birthday sale period.

The promotion starts today: 14th of February and ends on March the 2nd, which is just before my Birthday, so I'm getting myself some early presents ?

We've left all the deals for you to feast your eyes on below!

Audio Plugin Sale: Ozone 9 Elements

Usually retailing for £111, you can now grab Izotope's Ozone 9 Elements for as little as £8.88. It's an incredible all in one mastering plugin that packs an EQ with different shelving models, a stereo imager, extremely powerful limiter and the Mastering Assistant that's so popular.

The Mastering Assistant makes mastering far easier by automatically analysing your song to create a mastering profile that could suit your track. This is a great starting point to be able to start putting tracks out without having to spend on mastering engineers. Of course it's not as good as getting a real engineer, but it's some pretty incredible technology that can do wonders for your music/demos.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your mastering and your workflow, then Ozone 9 Elements is a great choice.

Audio Plugin Sale: Neutron

neutron izotope audio plugin

Previously at a list price of £111, you can now save over £100, because Neutron 3 Elements is available for the low price of £8.88 (what a bargain).

If you don't know what Neutron 3 Elements is, it's a modern looking channel strip that comes with an array of audio plugin devices. These include a Compressor, Exciter, EQ, Transient Shaper and something called the Track Assistant.

The great thing about Neutron which makes it different to most stock plugins is it's accurate metering tools. Metering tools don't often come with Transient Shapers or Exciters.

Audio Plugin Sale: Nectar Elements

nectar elements izotope audio plugin

Nectar is also at the handsome price of £8.88, saving you over 90%. It's Izotope's answer to getting crystal clear vocal mixes. It includes compression, de-essing, EQ, pitch correction and reverb in an all in one package dressed up in a beautiful GUI that's easier to understand than most.

Audio Plugin Sale: RX 7 Elements

rx 7 elements

RX is another steal, coming in at… you guessed it: £8.88.

Izotope's RX 7 Elements is an audio editing suite that is used predominantly to clean up your audio recordings. It claims to be able to clean recordings that have a high level noise floor. So, if you have any recordings that have hum or hiss on them, this is the plugin for the job.

RX comes as both a plugin and a standalone application that you can run. It also comes with an intelligent analysis tool that can detect and repair noise, clipping, clicks, sibilance and more. It's a great tool that will save you a lot of headaches trying to clean audio.

Audio Plugin Sale: BreakTweaker Expanded

break tweaker

BreakTweaker is another huge saving of over 90% and, according to Izotope, is the beat machine of the future. Packaged with 3 distinct modules, the Sequencer, Generator and MicroEdit Engine, this is a ridiculously creative instrument that can be used within any DAW.

If you're looking for a creative, rhythmic instrument to add some other seasoning than salt & pepper to your drum sounds, then BreakTweaker is for you!

Audio Plugin Sale: Iris 2

Izotope's Iris 2 is a wildly powerful synthesiser that uses samples to create an incredible range of textures and tonal qualities. It works by using spectral filtering & a modern modulation system that includes, classic filters, evocative effects and more.

Iris 2 comes packaged with a huge 11GB of factory library settings and patches that you can fiddle around with.

Audio Plugin Sale: Stutter Edit

stutter edit

Stutter Edit is an innovative tool designed with stage and studio use in mind. Izotope's Stutter Edit allows you to warp and bend your sounds, giving you the option to create glitchy transitions that can bring your work alive.

Designed in collaboration with Electronic legend Brian Transeau, who's sound became accustomed to the stutter edit sound after a number of albums, Izotope have finally made the stutter edit commercially available.

Audio Plugin Sale: Trash 2

trash 2 audio plugin

Trash 2 is Izotope's answer to powerful audio mangling, distortion and creative experimentation. With over 60 distortion algorithms, this audio plugin is perfect for transporting your sound into a new era.

Izotope's Trash2 includes some incredible features such as, powerful multi-band, dual-stage distortion & post-filterig that can brighten up any sound you throw at it.


That's the end of the Izotope sale. Be sure to make use of the deals, before they expire on the 2nd of March and, if you're consistently looking for the best audio plugin deals on the internet, then check out our list – we update it every week!

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you soon.

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