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Analog Obsession, the creator behind stellar emulations of legendary, hardware studio processing units, is offering all his plugins as donationware. Through Analog Obsession's Patreon page, you can download all of their plugins for a very low subscription fee of $5. And, if you're thinking that's expensive, let us explain what you get…

Tonnes of incredible emulations of original hardware, including the LA2A, the SSL Master Bus Compressor and so much more. They're so good, Sound On Sound actually included Analog Obsession's plugins in their 6 of the best vintage EQ article.

What Do I Get With Analog Obsessions?

You get access to a load of plugins. We'll list some of the ones we think are the best below:


One of the best things on offer is the BritBundle, which includes a classic British compressor, pre-amp and EQ emulations.

BritBundle consists of:

  • BritChannel, a classic British equalizer & preamp with mic/line option.
  • Britpressor – classic British compressor/limiter
  • BritPre, a classic British mic/line Preamp with lowpass and highpass filters. BritPre also has two modules with independent bypass and a phase invert button.

Every Plugin on the BritBundle is compatible with both Windows and OSX, with M1 processor optimization.


The newest release from Analog Obsession, FIVER is a versatile five band equalizer, with low and high shelf filters and three bands with continuously variable bandwidth.

It will give you full control over any source with its own character and almost transparent but musical sound. While it can be surgical, you can still use it as colourful eq to shape your tone.

Clean and crisp readouts will let you know the exact frequencies that you're working on, so you can use FIVER easily and go deeper into your audio.

Under the hood, it has a fully optimized circuit and improved DSP, as well as independent bypass for each band. The performance has been improved (4x oversampling) while the CPU usage is lower than the previous version.


One of the more exciting offers from Analog Obsession is the LOADED channel strip. While it's in alpha, it's very much usable, and we had no major issues with it.

LOADED is custom 500 series channel strip with 5 different units plus main control unit. Modeled after the 500 series processing units, that are present in studios all over the world, LOADED manages to give a good amount of options.

You get a Mic Preamp, De-Esser, Gate, Equalizer, Compressor and the main IO Controller. This set of processing units makes this an amazing channel strip to use for vocal processing. Not only vocals, this channel strip is also great for hihats and drum textures.

It's not going to be a transparent processing unit, rather it's something that's going to give your signal a lot of character and excitement. It can also be utilized less aggressively for smoother processing, however, we found that we very much enjoyed the colour that LOADED was adding to our audio.

Other Plugins

KABIN – KABIN is universal guitar cabinet modeler. You can create different spiker/cabinet models with SIZE and CHARACTER options and shape tone with microphone placement.

BUSTERse – Classic console compressor with extra Filter and Transient sidechain options to dominate whole signal! The bigger brother of the “BUSTER” compressor

TuPRE – The TuPRE is a tube line amp with a custom passive program equalizer. A colorful and solid design which is not emulating any classic gear, TuPRE is simple but really effective for any source. 

LALA – Analog Obsession's take on the legendary LA-2A optical compressor unit, with extra features like filter sidechain, external sidechain and mix.

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