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8 Best Autotune Apps & Plugins for iOS & Android Recommended By A Real Musician

Autotune is a great tool for both professional and amateur singers. Pitch correction is constantly used in professional quality tracks and on singers you’d never believe had been autotuned!

You can bet Adele, Arianna Grande and other huge Pop Stars with amazing voices are all using auto-tune. Why? Because, in music, people want emotion over the perfect pitch. And, a lot of takes that have perfect pitch, don’t often have the raw emotion you want to hear. This is where autotune can be used, so you can get that raw emotion, with perfect pitch.

In this article, we’ll cover the best autotune apps you can use for iOS, Android and even include auV3 plugins for all you phone DAW software producers.

What Are The Best Autotune Apps for iOS and Android?

App/Plugin NameCompatibilityKey FeaturesQuick Verdict
VolocoiOS, Android, macOS, WindowsSimple pitch correction, T-Pain style effect, free beats library, limited effects without subscription, auV3 plugin for GaragebandBest for hard-tuned Hip Hop & Rap styles; limited natural autotune
SpireiOS, AndroidMobile recording studio, natural tuning, soundcheck feature, pro plan required for full featuresGreat for on-the-fly recording and ideas; pro subscription recommended
Rap ChatiOS, AndroidDedicated to Rap and Hip Hop, large beat library, social media integration, pro plan for advanced featuresIdeal for Hip Hop enthusiasts; some features locked behind subscription
Audio EditoriOS, AndroidMulti-track editing, extensive effect control, free features, less user-friendlyOffers in-depth control and features; user experience is less polished
Auto RapiOS, AndroidFun, gimmicky, AI-based rap creation, large free beat libraryMore for fun and social sharing than serious music production
LE03 AudioTune (Plugin)iOS, auV3Simple user interface, clean auto-tune, limited controlUser-friendly for iOS devices; limited control options
Waves Tune (Plugin)iOS (Cubasis only), Win, Mac, VST, AU, AAXDetailed control over tuning, vibrato adjustment, high-qualityTop choice for accuracy and detail; limited to Cubasis on iOS

1. Voloco

Compatibility: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows

Voloco is the best autotune app on this list for musicians. It’s the most simple to use pitch correction tool you’ll find and is compatible with iPhones, Androids and even desktop Apple & Windows computers.

It gives a more processed T-Pain style sound and applies that heavy autotune sound to your vocals. It’s great to use if you want to sound similar to modern rap artists like Travis Scott and JuiceWrld.

In the app you have 6 presets to choose from, & we’ve left sound examples of 2 below:

  • Hard
  • Natural
  • Super Vocoder
  • Alien Warlord
  • Big Chorus
  • Night Chorus

You can also inject some character into your vocals, using the 8-bit modes and extensive LFO and modulation section. This can give your vocals more movement and make them sound better instantly!

Additionally, Voloco allows you to browse from a huge library of free beats, add multiple tracks, and even apply some more sound effects to your vocals, including compression, EQ, reverb etc.

If you’re a bit more advanced, these effects are quite limited and you can only add presets to your vocals. They’re great-sounding, but if you’re serious about audio, you’ll want to learn to edit the settings of these manually and get separate tools that allow you to do so.

Also it’s important to note that natural autotune isn’t the best on Voloco, so if you want a more natural sound over the hard-tuned Rap/HipHop style that’s so popular, you may want to opt for a different auto-tune app or an auV3 plugin for Garageband/Cubasis (listed below).

Speaking of auV3, of the greatest things about Voloco is, that on iPhone, you can also use the app as a plugin directly in your music editing software. This means, that if you want to record and pitch correct your vocals directly in Garageband around your music compositions, you can do it!

Unfortunately, the Voloco app is quite limited if you don’t purchase a subscription to it. However, out of all the apps on this list, it is the most free-to-use app, with the best sounding autotune and features available.

Quick Verdict

Voloco automatically adds fantastic, preset autotune to your voice. It works best for hard-tuned, Hip Hop & Rap styles of autotune and isn’t recommended for a natural style. You’ll get the best user experience and features using Voloco. However, there are quite a few features locked behind a subscription payment model.

2. Spire

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Spire is another auto tune app, that not only provides incredible auto-tuning ability but also allows you to use your phone as a mobile recording studio. The auto tune in spire sounds great, produces minimal artefacts and can be used for a natural tuning sound, as well as a hard-tune Hip Hop style effect.

With Spire you get loads of different effects you can put on your vocals, with presets that will make you sound instantly professional, using effects like reverb, delay, pitch correction, compression, EQ and more!

Most of these are locked if you don’t have the pro plan, but you can do some basic editing to your audio.

One of the things that makes Spire stand out over the other apps on this list, is the soundcheck feature. This listens to the audio you’re recording, identifies what it is and then applies processing based on the environment you’re in – giving you the best sounding take you can get.

Does this really work?

Well… it depends. If you’re on a train and using your phone or headphone mic, don’t expect it to work wonders, but if you’re using the audio interface made for Spire, with a nice mic connected and a decent, noise-free environment – then it works pretty well!

Spire is better used alongside the audio interface as a portable music studio for ideas. The audio interface allows you to plug instruments, microphones and professional studio headphones in, so you can record on the move.

We wouldn’t recommend using it as your main music creation app, but as something that supplements a desktop DAW program.

You can additionally import your own beats or music you’ve downloaded, which means you can record over instrumentals. So, if you want to use it to sing karaoke, it works as a karaoke app, and you can also use it to record cover songs.

(You can even write your lyrics directly in the app).

You can additionally expand on Spire by purchasing the portable audio interface they offer, which you can plug professional studio headphones or microphones directly into to record clean, great-sounding audio.

Quick Verdict

Spire is a great app to use for autotune and recording ideas on the fly. With the additional audio interface, you can take the app’s functionality even further too. Unfortunately, it’s not worth getting unless you are going to get a pro subscription, because many features are locked.

With Spire you will also have to sign up using your email in order for you to get access to the app, which is annoying.

3. Rap Chat

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Rap Chat is one of the best auto tune apps for people looking to make Hip Hip & Rap music. It’s an app that’s dedicated to Rap and Hip Hop specifically, offering the kind of hard-tuned automatic voice tuning you’re looking for, and tonnes of other features to help you with your lyric and music writing.

What makes Rap Chat stand out from the rest of the auto tune apps on this list is its vast library of 150,000+ beats built into the software, which you can use to record your vocals over. It also includes a brilliant social media platform that can be used to share music and build a following.

You can save and write your lyrics directly in the app, record multiple tracks, and even mix the audio directly in Rap Chat. After that, you can save your work and upload it directly to social media from the app and to the built-in social media system.

There are also presets you can use to sound like your favourite rappers, including Travis Scott Juicewrld etc. but these are only included in the pro plan. However, you can do the basics like autotune your voice, mix the levels, record vocals to beats, add delay and use preset voice changers etc.

A lot of the options available in Rap Chat are only useable once you purchase the full package. It’s quite limited before.

If you do purchase the full package, there is a range of effects and phenomenal presets you can use for your vocals, which help to automatically compress, EQ, and add effects like Reverb, Delay.

Quick Verdict

RapChat is a great tool for someone looking to record vocals over beats and autotune them. The autotune sounds nice, the app is easy to use and there are extra effects like delay, EQ etc. However, much of the app is locked if you don’t have a subscription, so it’s not worth using unless you’re going to purchase it fully.

One drawback of the app is that it’s quite slow to use and things take a while to load. If you’re using a newer phone with 5G, you might not have this issue. But, for me, on a 4g connection and an iPhone XS Max, it was pretty slow to load and things lagged a lot.

Another annoying feature of RapChat you should know is, that you will have to sign up for an account using your email.

4. Audio Editor

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Audio Editor is another auto-tune app, but it can do more than just auto tune. This is for people more advanced, who want more of a powerful mobile recording studio experience.

It’s also the app with the most freedom and unlocked options, so you can do a lot of things you can’t in the other apps before you need to purchase a subscription to it.

The auto tune isn’t anywhere near as good as the above apps on this list, but Audio Editor makes up for this with a lot more control over individual effects like delay, reverb, distortion compression etc. offering presets, as well as the ability to manually dial in settings to your liking.

In Audio Editor, you can additionally record multiple tracks and edit them in a timeline. This means you can cut up audio, move it around and create entire tracks using your own instruments or your voice!

It’s a more complex app, but is much better than Voloco and the others on this list in terms of functionality.

In Audio Editor you can:

  • Auto tune your voice
  • Remove background noise
  • Add reverb, delay, distortion etc.
  • EQ your audio to enhance your vocals
  • Reverse your audio
  • Export in multiple files like WAV, MP3 & more
  • Create text to speech

It’s not as user-friendly as Voloco, RapChat and Spire, but it makes up for this, by being the most unlocked and free-to-use app, without having to pay for a subscription.

For instance, something like RapChat will make you pay for delay, reverb, and the ability to export as high-quality WAV files – Audio Editor doesn’t do this at the cost of a worse user experience.

Quick Verdict

Audio Editor is a great app for adding FX like autotune, reverb, and delay to your vocals. Most of the features are free and there’s not a lot locked behind a subscription model, like the rest of the apps on this list. However, the user experience and feel of the app is a bit dated. This is the trade-off you’ll make for more in-depth control and features.

5. Auto Rap

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Auto Rap is more of a gimmicky tool, rather than an app you’d want to use for music making. It includes auto tune, and you can pitch correct your voice, but it’s more for people who want to make funny Snapchat videos (you can upload directly to SC) or social media videos to share with friends.

I understand that not everyone reading this list wants to become a superstar rapper or music producer, so I felt it necessary to include some of the more laid back options for those of you who are just looking to have a laugh with an autotune app.

With auto rap, it will do exactly what it says on the tin – you can say anything into the app, and it will automatically turn what you’ve said into a rap. It has an auto rap mode which will take the vocals you give it and use AI to turn it into something that sounds good.

You can’t mix, edit your vocals or record multiple tracks either. But, the good thing about auto rap is, that there is a huge free beat library of 150,000+ beats, you can use to rap over and you can even upload your own music to it too.

The beats are actually pretty good and I’m not going to lie, some of them are still stuck in my head while I write this!

There are fun rap battle competitions between people and it’s fun to use as a social platform to meet new people.

Quick Verdict

Good autotune, fun to use, but not useable for people trying to make music and share it online. It’s more of a fun app to have a laugh using. You can make funny videos and upload them to Snapchat or share them on TikTok.

What Are The Best Autotune Plugins for Garageband & Phone DAWs?

  1. Voloco
  2. LE03 AudioTune
  3. Vocal Soloist

1. Voloco

Compatibility: macOS, iOS, auV3, VST, AU AAX

The Voloco plugin for Garageband on iOS, is the same as the app (listed above), but you can use it inside your mobile DAW.

Whether you’re using Garageband or any other DAW, this is a great plugin to have, because you can autotune your vocals directly in your music projects.

This means you can create a beat, using the instruments inside Garageband for instance, then record vocals on another channel, add autotune using Voloco, and a number of other effects like reverb, EQ, compression, limiting etc.

Voloco is also available to use on Desktop, which is a bonus over the other auV3 plugins. Why? If you have a Mac with Garageband, you can export your files for work on your Mac and Voloco will load exactly the same settings as you had in your phone project. This is not a possibility with the other plugins, as they are yet to support desktop versions.

You can additionally use Voloco on your Windows or Linux machine, and using Cubasis, you could create projects on your phone, that could then be loaded on Cubase’s desktop DAW for more fine-tuned editing.

There are talks about FL Studio implementing auV3 support, but it’s yet to happen. We’ll update this article when it does.

2. LE03 AudioTune

Compatibility: iOS, auV3

LE03’s AudioTune, is by far the most user friendly and easy auto tune app to use on iOS devices. With auV3 support, you can also use it in your mobile DAW (provided it has support for auV3).

The auto-tune is clean and artefact free, offering a nice hard-tuned effect as well as natural pitch correction, that’s surprisingly good for an iOS plugin.

It’s an extremely simple plugin, and you can only control the key you want your voice locked to, the speed of the autotune effect (which changes how robotic it sounds), and the amount of the effect.

3. Waves Tune

Compatibility: iOS (Cubasis only), Win, Mac, VST, AU, AAX

Waves Tune is hands down the best auto tune auV3 plugin. However, we’ve put it lower on the list due to it only being available for Cubasis. That means you can’t use it for Garageband or any other iOS DAW.

Waves Tune has the most control we’ve found on a iOS auto tune plugin. What makes it stand out from the rest of the apps on this list, is the ability to alter the vibrato, which will add a pulsating effect to your voice; change the speed of your autotune, which will control how robotic or natural your tuning sounds; individual control over the fine-tuning; and an amazing note transition knob that will smooth out switches between notes.

On top of this there are set presets for different voice ranges and styles. So, if you’re a tenor, or a soprano, you can give Waves Tune this information to better react to your style of voice.

It’s the cleanest, most accurate auto tune plugin for iOS devices.

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Useful Autotune Articles

Melodyne or Auto-Tune?


Is Voloco Really The Best or Is There Something Better?

Voloco is the best auto tune plugin in terms of the sound it produces. Other apps have more features that outshine Voloco such as the ability to record and mix individual tracks, add effects and record over beats. However, when it comes to sound, Voloco wins.

It’s best to use Voloco as an auV3 plugin for Garageband or another DAW software on your iPhone. Unfortunately, you can only do this on iPhone so, if you’re on Android, you’ll have to stick with one of the other multi-track editing auto tune apps.

What’s The Best Autotune App for Android?

Spire is the best app for autotuning vocals on Android. You can record multiple tracks, import beats to record over, add effects to your vocals to make them sound professional, and directly export music from the app to social media or WAV & MP3.

Are auV3 Plugins Better for Autotune?

auV3 plugins used in Garageband or Cubasis are much better than using a dedicated app. They allow you to use software like Garageband to create music, or import instrumentals, then record your music over it. You can then add effects and so much more.

We’d recommend getting Garageband for your iPhone if you’re serious about making music on phone. You can use Garageband to pitch correct vocals, make beats and compose music.

If you’re really serious about music, get a free DAW on your desktop computer – they’re so much better.

Does Garageband Have Autotune?

Garageband has autotune built into the software. It’s a great tool to use for basic pitch correction on vocals. However, if you want better functionality, it’s better to use an auV3 Garageband plugin for autotune.

Does Android Have Plugin Support?

Android doesn’t support music plugins like VST yet. You can’t open plugins in mobile DAWs like FL Studio, Cubase etc. This is due to the lack of computing power needed to run VST plugins.

You can use plugins on iOS devices, so if you have an iOS device with Garageband you’re in luck. However, these are more limited due to the lack of processing power and there aren’t many available at time of writing.

We expect this to change over the coming years and for music production to become more mobile friendly.

What Is The Best DAW for iPhone?

Cubasis is by far the most feature-rich DAW available on iPhone. It operates almost identically to a desktop DAW, with very few limitations. There’s support for auV3, which means you can use plugins from Waves, FabFilter, and more (exclusive to Cubasis). When it comes to mobile DAW’s there’s really no competition.

Garageband is the best free DAW for iOS. It supports auV3 and has a range of features like EQ, compression, built-in instruments, MIDI functionality and more. It’s one of the best free DAW choices on iOS available.

Are There Any Open Source Autotune Plugins For Phone?

There are no open-source plugins available on iOS. On Android you may be able to find some apps that are open-source but, since Android does not support music plugins yet, there are no open-source autotune plugins available.

Can You Get Melodyne or Auto-Tune on iOS?

Antares Auto-Tune and Melodyne are not available on iOS as of yet. There may be an auV3 plugin coming in the future. In order to use this software, you will have to have a desktop PC or Mac at this current moment.

You can get alternatives to Melodyne and Auto-Tune as auV3 plugins for your mobile DAW. Waves Tune currently offers an auV3 plugin, which is similar to autotune.

Is Melodyne The Best Autotune Plugin?

Melodyne is the most industry standard and widely used pitch correction plugin. It works best at natural pitching, but doesn’t work in real-time and is not good for a hard-tuned sound.

Melodyne is not for everyone, so we have written a load of in-depth versus articles to help you decide between the top picks:

  1. Melodyne vs Waves Tune
  2. Melodyne vs Auto Tune
  3. Melodyne vs Flex Pitch


To recap, the best auto tune apps for android and iOS, including auV3 plugins are:

  • Best auto tune for iOS and Android:
    • Voloco
    • Audio Editor
    • Spire
    • Rap Chat
    • AutoRap (for fun not a serious musical tool)
  • Best auto tune auV3 plugins for iOS:
    • Voloco
    • LE03 Audio Tune
    • Waves Tune (Cubasis Only)

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